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El Paso, Albuquerque, or Phoenix?

I've never been to any of these cities, but I want to see what the Southwest is like....which should I go to first? Pros and cons of each city? I'm looking for a good place to take a trip...Albuquerque is closest (571 miles), followed by El Paso (723 miles), and then Phoenix (987 miles). I'm most intrigued by El Paso, given the lure of a border city, and the fact that I'm originally from Texas probably has something to do with it....thanks in advance

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    I lived in Abq for 7 years and have visited both EP and Phx.

    El Paso - It is kind of a dirty town and only has a population of around 500M - 600M people. It is dwarfed in size by Juarez which is the Mexican city across the border. But it is not safe any longer to cross into Juarez, so I wouldn't risk it. The food is Tex Mex with a lot of queso cheese.

    Albuquerque - It is a nice high desert city at an elevation of around 5M feet and a population of just under 1MM. There is a lot to see with the mountains and the Native American culture. Santa Fe is also less than an hour to the north. The food is very good authentic southwest style with awesome green chile.

    Phoenix - It is really an incredible city with a population of over 3MM. All 4 professional sports teams and some really cool desert scenery. Everything you want to do there and much more of a resort city. The food is Americanized SW but is still pretty good.

    All in all, Phoenix is the best visitors city to go to but Albuquerque is pretty cool also, especially if you go the first week of Oct during Balloon Fiesta.

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    ABQ...there is something about ABQ that seems really cool.

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