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gimp image making problem please help?

hey can someone please help me, i use gimp to make banners on a game i play, and i made this little banner and its kindof small, the text size is 26 and whenever i save and upload it the text comes out really blurry, but when i use bigger text its not blurry, can somebody help me please, thank you

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    When designing a banner or web graphics in GIMP - you need to view it at 100% in GIMP.

    In GIMP click View > Zoom > 1:1 (100%). After that, do not change the zoom while you are working on the image.

    Now you will see the web graphic how it will be displayed on a web page - at the correct size. If the text is too small, increase the font size in the Tool Options dialog. If the image is too big or too small, you'll need to change the image dimensions before you start designing the graphic.

    Remember you have to make your web graphic the exact size it will be shown in pixels on a web page. If you try to make the image bigger by resizing it in the web page, it will come out looking like crap. Even if you try to make it smaller on a web page, it could also look pretty crap.

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