What is the ending to the 1987 BBC film "Will You Love Me Tomorrow"? (Starring Iain Glen and Joanne Whalley)?

Recently became a fan of Iain Glen and am starting to enjoy his works but most are not easily accessible to where I am. There are clips of "Will You Love Me Tomorrow" on youtube apart from the ending, unfortunately. If you could give me a link to where I can watch the ending that would be better but if not, a clear summary of the ending would do. The last bit I saw on youtube was the 2 lads at the hospital that finding out who their 2 female companions really are...


By all means spoil me on this one, I don't mind at all. It's like watching the climax then suddenly a blackout happens.. -_- Details, details... :)

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  • 9 years ago
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    Good movie. I think it was one of Joanne Whalley's first parts. Anyway, It centres around two run away girl prisoners. I think JWs character, who 10 years previously had been jailed at the age of 10 for killing a child. Anyway, the girls meet up with the two guys at a seaside resort and it just edges around the fact that JW character wants and craves the love she has missed since her crime. She of course is concerned that the guy will not like her because of her past. And not to wreck it all (you really should see the ending), but it does work out for them.

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