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should i be myself or do what i have to to survive?

I'm a 17 year old boy who's gay but in the closet. They say its a choice as if I chose to live a life of rejection, hate, misunderstanding, not being able to truly love a woman and have kids and a family, rejection by peers, having to put on a facad around girls. Its not a choice because id be straight if I wasn't attracted to boys instead of girls. All these aspects of my sexuality are ripping at my soul to the point of depression. Being depressed about who you are ain't that a *****. Before you say I shoild come out of the closet I'm not coming out of the closet as if I have a disease everybody needs to be alerted to "hey eveybody I have the querness" "there's somthing wrong with me". About homo being a sin, naww I'm not saying jesus christ is wrong, but an old translation of a book may be. Originally the bible was referring to prostitution etc. Please I need some advice on coping I'm 17 and have a long life ahead of me


your right, there's nothing wrong with me. Society is what's wrong and I don't wanna end up killing some people you see my rage at ssociety is too the point where I'm gonna ******* lose it and go on a rampage

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    The corporations who make money on population growth, the churches who make money by teaching judgementality and hate, governments who regard the family unit as the core of stability, all want you regular.

    There is one international group that teaches individual empowerment and celebration of uniqueness.

    It enables individuals to overcome barriers to success and happiness, and persecution.

    I have won battles with long odds against me using their method.

    I call it the greatest secret human power and have given detailed explanations thousands of times. Few are willing to have real control over their lives and be personally responsible for themselves. You may be one of the fortunate few.

    The Greatest Secret Human Power

    Win By Using Reality

    By Generalist

    “Why me?”

    “Why is life so painful, unfair, confusing, mysterious, surprising, disappointing?”

    “What’s the best way to deal with getting older?”

    “How can I overcome compulsions?”

    “What can I do?”

    These questions express people’s real puzzlement, even pain. It is better to use the power everyone has, and few know, than to repeatedly ask these questions.

    The knowledge of this power is ordinarily scattered in many philosophies, religions, hopes and aphorisms. That keeps it secret.

    Here, the essence is unified into a single practice that enables anyone to manifest his-er power

    In ancient India, one man wondered if there weren’t a way to use the power inherent in everyone and end suffering. He set out on an intense exploration of the learning and practices available. They were all inadequate to help everyone and anyone. He determined to find the path himself.

    He did, and began to teach. His teaching worked for some, and was hard for others to understand.

    Then, Nichiren, in thirteenth century Japan, connected all the dots and came up with a method whereby anyone can optimize lifel. He recognized that the way to use the secret power was to move on with determination to clear the mind and improve life. To enable the clearing of the mind, and replacing error with wisdom, the element of focus, determination, respect had to be added to the expression that contains all the elements of life. In Japanese, that is Myoho Renge Kyo. He used the Sanskrit term namas, shortened to nam.

    This activates the secret power and makes it public.

    What Isaac Newton did for gravity, Nichiren did for all of life.

    I have listed the main points and the words in Japanese. They are capitalized for clarity.

    1-Things are always changing, yet the underlying realities common to all life do not change. -KYO

    2- -Causes produce effects. Sometimes this is not obvious because of the time lag between cause and perceived effect. RENGE -Renge also means that we can choose to release limitations at any time like the opening of a perfect lotus growing in mud.

    3-Life is both physical and non-physical. –MYOHO This is the term that includes the limited aspect of the tangible and the unlimited aspects of the intangible, and their inseparability.

    4-Humans have the ability to respect the truth, to focus their minds, and achieve great results. -NAM

    The practice is founded on the repeated speaking of the sentence Nam Myoho Renge Kyo alone, and with others. This strengthens synaptic connections based on recognized truth and weakens those based on distortions. The mind-heart-body is unified in the effort.

    Nichiren’s method works for all of life, whether people believe in it, or not, as long as they try it with a focus on improvement.


    My own experiences: phenomenal changes as a result of reciting the formula and working with the SGI for peace, culture and happiness. Caution, translation difficulties and cultural usages tend to cause many people to regard using their secret power as a religion because it is called Buddhism. The original documents show that Nichiren did not intend for people to rely on a power beyond their own capacities for transcending limitations.

    If you wish further information, use the links. ,

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    There is nothing wrong with you, if this is truly how you feel. There are some things you just can't help. However, even straight people who are attracted to the opposite sex still have to practice chastity. Just because you "have this feeling" doesn't mean that you get to act on it physically with the next person who comes along that suits your fancy. It has not been proven that homosexuality is genetic, so who knows, maybe it will go away. It could just be a mood swing.

    As to the Bible, the translations are correct when God condemns homosexuality. Back then when they were translated, people spoke the languages they were translating it to. They were experts in the field, and had the Holy Spirit helping them to boot.

    However, it is not wrong to be that way, that is, to feel like that. But it is wrong to act on it.

    "Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination." -- Leviticus 18:22

    "Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion." -- Romans 1:26-27

    I hope you choose the right path, which is straight and narrow. It's hard, but worth it. God Bless!

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    The modern science can't treat homosexuality. No offends, but it has been proven that this has to do with some disorder in the genes. Whatever you do, live your live as it suits you. Just don't complain if you get an AIDS or something worse one day. Be careful and nice to the people and you may be surprised how many friends out there you may find. And your sexuallity won't mean anything to them...

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    It's difficult to be put into this situation; especially over your sexual preference. People need to learn to be more tolerable and accepting. There is NOTHING wrong with you - and I know you stated that you didn't want to come out of the closet, but perhaps you should visit someone, maybe ONE person you could truly confide in and trust no matter what, and discuss these kinds of feelings. It's hard to keep every frustrating feeling inside, very hard.

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    You sound depressed, so all of these suggestions probably sound bleak to you, but actually they are really good ones. If you try all of these things all you're still depressed, I would consider going to a therapist you felt comfortable talking to, and figure out the cause of your depression. You arent as mentally fked as you think. Being sad isn't fked up. You aren't mentally broken because you feel intense sadness. The only thing you should differently is find another way to express those emotions. Write a "fked up" book that could rival Stephen king and all his "messed up" glory. Create a piece of art that fully shows how you feel, or represents what makes you depressed. Try to get symbolic with it. The ultimate purpose of art is to enjoy making it, and letting artistic therapy help show the thoughts I your brain. Good luck! Always here for support. You can message me anytime in the near or distant future for anything.

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    whatever you do you will do as yourself

    any changes you make will just become the new you

    there maybe some who will have difficulty accepting you for who you are

    but the vast majority of people have open minds and open hearts

    stand tall young one, and be proud of the real you

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    Sometimes being yourself may mean being too lazy to work. But isn't this one big criticism against people on welfare and other forms of supplemental income?

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