How do I do well in AS politics?

I'm doing Government and Politics at AS and also I'm doing Psychology and Media AS. I'm doing really well in Psychology and Media but in Politics I just get D's constantly because the question might be "Outline 2 functions that elections perform in a democracy" and I outline 2 functions and they're always the wrong functions whenever the teacher goes over it, or I've not said the key words I needed to in order to pick up marks. I'm trying to put all the key words in and get the right answers but I've never seem to have added the things in that my teacher wants. I'm obviously managing to do this in my other subjects, so why not in politics? I seem to never be able to understand the question correctly or I do something I thinks really good and its not. Has anyone got any handy tips for me to use?

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    You're really going to hate my answer, but:

    -STUDY - the easiest, best thing you can do for this class. Politics is confusing! There's a really great way to study called stacking. You read one sentence of the chapter or whatever at a time. Say it aloud, then close your eyes and say it. Go on to the next sentence, but say the first one too. For example if the entire chapter was "Dogs are cool and smart animals. They like to run and eat. My dog is very energetic," you would first say "Dogs are cool and smart animals," close your eyes and say it again. The second time say "Dogs are cool and smart animals. They like to run and eat," then close your eyes and say it. Keep going until you have everything memorized.

    -Don't be afraid to ask questions! I've always hated this about myself because I thought someone would think I'm an idiot, but there's always one other person in the class who's wondering the same thing.

    -Ask your teacher if you can stay after class for a little bit to go over your test. He/she will appreciate you making an effort, and you can make sure you understand what the questions meant.

    -Take notes in class if you can, covering the most important things for the test.

    -Participate in class. Once again, I hated doing this because I'm really shy, but when you're taking the test you'll be like, "Oh! I remember answering this in class. This junk is easy, fool!"

    -Track your test scores. For example, maybe you got an "A" on one test, but you went down to a "D" on another. It will show you your strong points and where you need to work harder. This will help cut through study time too.

    -Do you have a lot of friends in that class? Once you get your test back, ask them how they answered the question you got wrong.

    -DO NOT CRAM FOR TESTS. Holy Jesus, I am the biggest procrastinator in the world and I do this too often.

    -If you're really dedicated, buy a book on the subjects you're having trouble with. It can answer some questions you have.

    -The last one, the Internet! If you're unclear about anything, ask it here or do a Google search.

    I have been doing some of these for a while and I have straight "A"s. I hope this works for you! Good luck!

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