Is Sergio Ramos a better CB than Pepe and Pique ?

I just want opinions, because lately he's been outstanding in that position to the point even Xavi encouraged him to continue to play as CB.

FQ: Pepe or Pique ?

FQ2: Should Carvalho still start for Real Madrid after getting back from injury or should we still use Sergio Ramos in the middle and Arbeloa on the right ?

FQ3: Are you impressed by Arbeloa's performances lately ?

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  • 8 years ago
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    FQ: It's a difficult one because although Pepe is very temperamental, Pique lacks concentration when Puyol is not on the pitch so at the moment they are quite even. Both can get forward and score goals. I'm going to go with Pique because he's Spanish (we need more Spanish in the team) and he's younger

    FQ2: Carvalho is excellent and we shouldn't waste his experience, he's also useful for rotation. I'm all for Ramos in the centre and Arbeloa on the right though

    FQ3: Arbeloa has always been solid on the right. Since he joined he hasn't been outstanding nor has he been terrible, he's just very consistently good and that's what we need. Ramos has been known to be world class at RB but he's also known to have bad games. Arbeloa goes unnoticed but is always reliable....

    I do think Spain should use Pique-Ramos combination with Arbeloa on the right. Ramos is showing leadership qualities that would keep Pique on his toes

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I would say Pique is a better CB than Sergio Ramos, Pepe is stronger maybe on par with Sergio Ramos.

    Pique is better than Pepe.

    I think it should be Pepe and Carvalho in CB and Ramos at RB.

    Arbeloas been impressive.

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  • 8 years ago

    sergio ramos is an excellent defender hes strong powerful fast and basically a perfect defender not to mention i luv him <3 but no one is as good as pepe

    bq: pepe

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    ramos is strong fast and has a good jump, but he needs to work a lot on his technique, i've seen him commit a lot of fouls

    hes ******* good though, better than maldini

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