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小比 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 9 years ago



What are the common problems encountered duuring this problem definition process?


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  • chen
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    9 years ago
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    What are the common problems encountered

    . during this problem definition process in companies?

    The company is supposed to encounter the common problems that

    . I think, there are some tactics during the company is running.

    . [ Ex; sale's stores ]

    The first is Production:

    . The quality.-control capacity and stability must have

    . its unique characteristics that presents itself to the clients.

    The second is Selling:

    Each of the different regions have different opportunities for

    . the different selling strategies .

    Such as; the store near the school , selling price should be lower .

    However , with commercial area ,the store might be selled high price.

    All the sale's strategies need to be flexible.

    .The third is Human resources:

    .. Depending on the size of your business or store

    . affects your labor scheduling.

    The fourth is R & D:

    . To innovative research and development of new products, or goods

    . the owner is often to keep the customer with good communication

    . that want to get customer trusting

    .The five is Finance:

    This is the most important that effects the lack of funds .

    . in which , the working capital must be able enough sufficiently

    Opening a store is easy, but its store earn-money may be difficult yet.

    我認為 公司有一些策略運行上是會常遇到問題的。

    。 [舉例;如 零售商]

    首先是, 生產力上:

    。 品質控制的能力和穩定,

    . 須有獨特的特點,服務自己的客戶。










    四是 研發:




    五是 財務:




    Source(s): S.H. Chen 系統工程師的居酒屋
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  • Miky
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    9 years ago

    What are the common problems encountered when defines the operational issues for the company?

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