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    I was born in 1989 in the city of Taipei. Currently a junior of the Department of Economics of Chinese Culture University, I also work in a small cafe as a part time job. I still live at home with my parents and sister, who is a year younger and is fan of a Korean group of singers-東方神起。My mom's hobby is watching TV, her favorites are Home Shopping Channel and soap operas.

    The turning point of my life should be when I joined the club of ”康輔社"(這是什麼樣的社團?)during my freshman year. It's like a big family in the club. Seniors in the club are always taking care of the newcomers and we all get along very well. ”康輔社" is a club dedicated to community service. We usually help out at the near by elementary school. I wasn't an outgoing boy at the beginning, but the activities of the club make my life more lively and I became more willing to get in touch with people. Gaining more friends, being happy to help and making me feel more fulfilled in my life are not the only benefits I've got from joining this club. It also helps me bring up more optimistic attitude towards life, and makes me face challenges with a more positive mindset.

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    Due to recent oral English, I would like to translate a few lines of the following sentences into English ~ but do not use Google translate, because I had tried some were turned into weird ... English master, members can come back ~ thank!!

    I was born in 1989 in Taipei. Is currently studying at Chinese Culture University, Department of Economics, third grade, usually not when working in a coffee shop, currently residing in the home, with MOM and dad living with a sister, sister xiaowo one year old. She is a rash, favorite artist is Korea's groups-Dong Bang Shin Ki, interested TV shopping and seeing my mother usual local eight-point document.Influence the turning point in my life, it should be is my freshman year joined the Association "Kosuke societies", this Association is like a big family, mentors sister's feelings are very good, for both sisters take care! Kosuke social is a service nature of societies, usual we also will to near of country small to help, originally I is a within of boys, it makes I became lively, courage to to close to crowd, also let I cross to many friends, and ready to help people, makes I of life was enrich, and training I actively optimistic of life attitude, makes I can to positive of attitude to face any challenges.

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