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What should I look for in a cosmetology school?

I was hoping someone could tell me what I should be looking for in the curriculum to make sure it's a good school.

Does it matter if I go to a big name school or a community college? The cost of tuition wont matter but I will have to make a longer commute to go to a school like Paul Mitchell. Would the benefits way out in the end?

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    As a salon owner, when I hire stylists the first thing I look at is not where they worked, but where they went to school. A good school should have a great reputation, but must also keep up with the latest trends and products.

    Personally, I think Empire is the best beauty school. Schools run by Paul Mitchell and Aveda are very good at teaching some things, but unless you plan to work in a salon which uses Paul Mitchell and Aveda products, you're really not going to know how to work with other color lines and retail lines. You could know everything there is to know about Paul Mitchell color, but if you end up working in a salon that uses Goldwell color, you might have a hard time.

    That's one reason why I like Empire. They teach you different color lines so you'll be prepared to work in any salon, and they also have a good curriculum that includes things other schools don't teach very well, like skincare,relaxers, braiding, men's cutting, and other services.

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    Im gona be honest with ya...I went to a cheap crappy school with a horrible male teacher who didnt give a crap. Luckily for all the new students the girls that had been there a while showed us everything they knew. When I graduated I felt like I knew nothing & that girls that went to the bigger schools would be so much better than me. I was wrong. Everyone I have met since I graduated 6 years ago agrees that you get out of school knowing the few basics and learn all the important stuff when you get out in the real world. I underestimated what I did know coming out of school & constantly was second guessing myself. I had a wonderful time in the small crappy school I went to tho because it was so small and laid back since the teacher was never around that all the girls got to be best friends & were really close. We werent embarrassed that we had a hard time learning something because we were just around friends. Go to the school that is best for your commute because in the end..your gona be just as nervous as the girl graduating from paul mitchell.

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    No nit in any respect!! I even have acquaintances who gobon their sweats in specific circumstances! it extremely is college no longer your fairly interest! Lol you should consistently look mice once you're an fairly cosmetologist although!

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