What is the drummer for System of a Down doing these days?

John Dolmayan? I know Serj(the singer) Broke off and is doing **** by himself, which is kind of mediocre. But John is really good, and I would like to hear what he's doing now.

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    9 years ago
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    OK, how can you say Serj's solo stuff is mediocre? Elect the Dead was really good and those drums you hear on this "mediocre" effort is none other than Johnny D.

    He's done Scars on Broadway and few other bands, too.

    Also, SoaD is back. Check YouTube for their entire set from Rock in Rio 2011.

  • The other members of SOAD -Serj started another band called Scars On Broadway

    Source(s): ★ Mallory Knox ☠
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