2004 tacoma trd or 2002-2004 silverado?

my decision for a first car has come down to these two a 2004 tacoma TRD or a Silverado. My girlfriend has a tacome TRD and i really like how it looks and drives but she has a lot more money than me so a tacoma isnt as far out of her price range than it is mine. However, my dad had a 2006 silverado with the 4.8 v8 4 door with the short bed and i really liked that truck too. it had no problem pulling anything but was also one of the most comfterable road trip cars i have ever been in. both of them seem like nearly bullet proof trucks and could run forever but i have no idea which one to get. four wheel drive sounds great and the sticker looks even better but for my use of a truck i wouldnt need any of that. I dont care muck for fords and i really dont like how the old f150 looks and the newer ones are too expensive. i want a short bed truck with decent gas mileage (18-22) that will not struggle with a trailer and is also good in the city so any other suggestions would be greatly appriciated. also im a 16 year old male so insurence will not be cheep that is why i want a truck that will take a few minor dings without a problem. thanks.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    I would choose the Tacoma. In my opinion it looks much better and Toyota is a reliable brand.

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