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Why dont the jets take advantage of their advantages?

What I saw yesterday was disgusting, nothing else except offensive playcalling. Every time LT or Greene went for a carry they picked up a good amount of yards. Even a long run by LT one time. My question is why did they the offense continue calling throwing plays -_-. With those good carries it was almost a matter of time before they got a huge breakaway with the run game for a TD. Its like Rex wanted to show BB that he has a good quarterback like Brady because there's no excuse for a team whos motto is Ground and Pound to be throwing on 1st and 10 and so on. Even in the red zone I beleive they ran it twice.

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    That's exactly what I think I believe Rex Ryan was trying to compare or show that mark Sanchez is as good as Tom Brady which we all know he isn't that's what it was I think

    He just didn't wanna get out beat in the passing game and it cost them the game smh

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