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Before the discovery of the dead sea scrolls? I need help!!!!?

Im stuck in the hospital and i have a test of school that my mom brought over and i want to make sure i have my answers right its a 100Q but im only gonna ask 15Q because i know the other questions are right.. thanks :)

1. Before the discovery of the dead sea scrolls?

a. nobody had a copy of the hebrew scriptures

b. copies of the hebrew scriptures were discovered earlier in 1847

c. the oldest available copy of the hebrew scriptures was available around 900AD

d. nobody was aware of the great difference between present and earlier copies

2. A scribe is somebody who?

a. took notes in a roman court of law

b. takes notes for a famous person

c. made copies of the scrolls of hebrew scriptures

d. made copies of the new testament

3.the protestant reformation attempted to relate the bible to the?

a. rich

b. daily lives of people

c. search for the exact date of the second coming

d. need for political reform in england and germany

4. one of the many persons whose daily lives was inspired by the bible was?

a. augustine

b. thomas paine

c. robert ingersoll

d. friedrich nietzsche

5.this famous person was opposed to the bible?

a. voltaire

b. abrahan lincoln

c. theodore roosevelt

d. kant

6. a political ruler opposed to the bible was?

a. Antiochus IV Epiphanies

b. diocletian

c. titus livy

d. all of the above

7. the word "bible" means?

a. byblos

b. papyrus

c. book

d. truth

8. "jelousy and anger shorten life"come from

a. genesis

b. the apocryphal books

c. psalms

d. the book of job

9. the bible was originally written in?

a. greek

b. latin

c. hebrew

d. italian

10. the old testament includes the book of?

a. colossians

b. jude

c. hebrews

d. joshua

11. the new testament is composed of?

a. the apocrypha and deuterocanomicals

b. 27 books

c. books written around 750 BC

d. 39 books

12. the hebrew scriptures include the concept of?

a. prophecy

b. promise

c. providence

d. all of the above

13. in the gospel of matthew, christ's message was?

a. "we minister to him when we care for the hungry, the poor, the naked, the sick"

b. "we must comfess our sins"

c. "come with right attitude and ask god to give you understanding"

d. "discover the bible and have a lifelong adventure"

14. billy graham's message is based on?

a. the bible

b. only the new testament

c. the king james version of the bible

d. the congress of baptist churches constitution

15. the old and new testaments come from the memories of?

a. the apostles and thos who followed them

b. the early jewish and christian communities

c.martin luther and john wycliffe

d. mother teresa and mary jones


First of all im already done with the test all i wanna do is make sure im right i hate to fail especially this test because its worth 70% of my grade and im looking online but its not what im looking for.

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    1. c

    2. d

    3. b

    4. a.

    5. not sure... a or d

    6. d

    7. c

    8. ?

    9. trick question... probably c. -- a. is also correct

    10. d

    11. look it up at Wiki... probably b.

    12. d.

    13. a.

    14. I think d., really... but who knows what they'll say is correct

    15. b.

    Mazel tov

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    Well, you have Internet access and obviously the ability to use it to find all sorts of obscure places, so, go for it, and find out yourself. I've been done school for years, so I'm definitely not doing someone else's tests. ;)

    If you got 85% of your question right - you passed already. Trust me, you still don't know the answers, even with the help you got. ;)

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