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Anonymous asked in SportsFootball (Canadian) · 9 years ago

Who has better rice cookers, Tiger or Zojirushi?

I'm looking specifically to make mostly sushi rice, and do not want aluminum exposed to the rice.

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  • 9 years ago
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    These two brands are very comparable according to my findings.

    Tiger rice cookers are the best of its kind available in the market and have time and again proved its worth in the consumer rice cooker reviews. It comes with retractable cord and it is designed in a very sleek way which saves space. The inner pot of the cooker is removable and it facilitates low energy consuming cooking. It cooks fast and doesn’t require oil to cook because the pot is made of non stick.

    These cookers can be used for a variety of things which includes steaming fish, meat and vegetables. If you like dry but fluffy rice, this is the best way to cook it. These cookers have micro computer controlled units which look stylish. A host of digital buttons ensures quick and timely cooking. It has the capacity of adapt itself differently depending on the quality of rice.

    This brand of rice cookers is most popular in the market because of their solid build and they deserve every bit of the praise because they do not fail to deliver. The meat cooked in the rice cooker is better because it makes the meat taste juicier without drying it up.

    Zojirushi rice cooker is perfect for cooking sushi rice,risotto, or make steamed rice, nothing is better or easier than what you can accomplish using these cookers. The company is well known as the manufacturer of one of the best cookers on the market, and uncounted people have praised them. The zojirushi rizo is a good option for rice lovers, because its small footprint fit nicely into my crowded kitchen, the zojirushi rizo is good enough for 3 people. If you have more people to cook for then i recommend the neuro fuzzy logic rice cooker because it has a large capacity. They are designed to exact specifications and to let out just enough steam and retain just the right amount of moisture for perfectly cooked rice. Always prepare the rice by washing it and rinsing in the pot, pour the exact amount of water in using the marked lines inside the pot, close the lid shut and press the cook button, the orange light will indicate that it's cooking and a green light will indicate that it's done or warming. The 'warm' setting is automatic and will preserve it until the next serving.

    The zojirushi rice cooker lid flips open by the use of the handle which is located on the top. With a simple press of a button, it opens, allowing easy access to the cooking pot. The pot is also lined with a non-stick coating so that rice won't stick to it, thus, it's very easy to clean. The steam droplets roll off the lid when opened and drained into a handy container that's located near the hinge. On the side there's a holster for a rice scooper . Best of all, the longer-than-normal electric cord automatically retracts into its internal housing with a tug of the cord.

    Zojirushi rice cooker comes with different prices and different features, the main features to look for the ones that come with a warming ability. However, some of the cheaper models only can keep rice warm after it's finished cooking whereas the higher-end models come with the ability to re-warm rice or other items. But no matter which one you use make sure to take care when using the warming function with only 1 or 2 cups of rice as it could dry it out. A feature that's becoming much more popular in zojirushi rice cookers is the steamer. This is essentially a plate that usually sits on the rim of the cooking pot that allows steam to pass through. The steamer is great for cooking fish, vegetables and rice that has better texture when steamed over when boiled such as thai sticky rice and jasmine rice. Zojirushi rice cooker in my opinion is the best rice cooker you can get if you can afford the price. Most of the rice cookers are design with advance cooking technology such as fuzzy logic, neuro fuzzy logic and induction heating.

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  • 3 years ago

    Tiger Rice Cookers

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  • 4 years ago

    Tiger Brand Rice Cooker

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  • Sharon
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    4 years ago

    For the best answers, search on this site

    Rice cookers are one of those things were price dictates quality. The Zojirushi brand is expensive because it is the best and will outlast and outperform other brands. Better to invest in quality rather than buy a new rice cooker of lesser quality every year.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Rice is cooked by heating in boiling water or steam, or a combination . It absorbs a great deal of water in the process, expanding its volume and using up the cooking water. The moisture and heat gelatinize and soften the starch granules in the rice. The cooking time for raw rice ranges from about 15 minutes and up, depending upon the type and freshness of rice, method, and desired result. Most dedicated home rice cookers are of the electric type. In commercial or industrial use, there are many varieties, such as large gas or electric rice cookers, a large-scale rice cooker that is called a "rice boiler", and fully automatic versions which handle the whole process of rice cooking from washing rice to the end of the cooking cycle.

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