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Football match 2moro!!!! pls help?

I have a football match and there one problem. i dont remember my tricks and stuff while playing in an match, but when i play with my cousins(5 on 5) it just comes naturally. i told my coach and he says that i am just nervous................anyone pls help, all i wanna do is to rember everything like tricks etc, in a real match. my mind goes blank in front of a defender! :(

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    Hey relax,this happens to me often and being the captain of my team it adds to my burden,but the solutions to get over it that have helped me might work for you too.They are as follows-

    (1)Log on to YouTube and watch an inspirational video of the player or the club that you follow,it will motivate you.

    (2)Be occupied with a ball minutes before the game begins.

    (3)When entering the field think that you are a natural born trickster don't pressurize brain.

    (4)When facing a defender be minimum 4 steps away and try your options.Take him as your cousin and do what you would do when up against him.

    (4)Don't think of defeating the opposition,simply think of winning the match and be a team player.

    Good luck!

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    just be calm and happened to me in the early days ways is visualization,when you are free on the field just visualise what move you are gonna do when the ball comes from a particular direction .and when the ball comes to you jus without thinkin do that move..even the defender wil be surprised by ur move...and its gona be of luck

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