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Save The Children charity founded 90 yrs ago.Are they just breeding more mouths to feed?

A never ending story ?

Save 2 children to breed 4 more,then 16 ,then ,,,,,,,?

An infinite number of breeding beggars ?


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    How crass.

    Who are you to say who shall live and who shall die. To play god is morally unjustifiable.

    The reason why a mother may have seven or eight children is because the child mortality rate among African and Asian countries is exceptionally high.

    Save the Children provide healthcare, as well as education and economic opportunities.

    By combating malnutrition and vaccinating against preventable diseases such as polio and typhoid you greatly increase the chance of that child reaching adulthood. Therefore, the mother needs less children.

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    Sadly - MOST sadly - you make an all too obvious point.

    More than 60 years ago - when I was kid at convent school - nuns, friars and priests exhorted me to "Save pennies for black babies in Africa".

    Which obviously one did - even if pennies were short - and meant a week's absence of sweets or comics.

    But as time went by - one wondered WTF ???

    Newly liberated, independent sovereign states in the dark continent were not only receiving/misapplying countless billions of foreign aid - they were ADDING to their numbers exponentially - DESPITE an appalling rate of infant mortality - widespread disease, drought, tribal warfare - and other ills.


    When and how will it ever end ?

    Do we pour even more money - to enable africans to keep multiplying at their current and projected rates ?

    I don't think so.

    However harsh that might seem.

    : ((

  • Skidoo
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    The Children still need saving. If health outcomes are improved, families will not feel the need to have 10 children to see 1 reach adulthood.

  • ?
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    9 years ago

    breeding beggars , what a crude term you have used how vulgar , we are all human beings

    "There, but for the grace of God, go I."

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