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What the hell is Profile Engine?

I deleted my Facebook account months ago yet this morning i found the profile i deleted on some website i never heard of before called 'Profile Engine'! I tried to delete this account (who the hell set it up for me in the first place??) but it wont let me. This is what is says on their 'help' page:

" You probably don't really want to delete your profile. It is much better to remove unwanted information from your profile using the Settings page (link at the top right of the page when you are logged in) or by leaving any groups which no longer apply to you (Go to the group page and click the 'leave group' link). If you are still sure you want to delete your profile then remember that deleting your profile is permanent. You will lose all your friends. You will lose all your groups. All your profile information will be deleted. You will lose your music playlist and you will no longer be able to access unlimited free music tailored to your personal taste. If you are absolutely sure you want to delete your profile then you must first log in using your Facebook account to identify yourself as the genuine owner of the profile (if your Facebook account has been deleted then you need to re-enable it temporarily in order to do this). Once you have completed the login process you can then delete your profile here. Remember, unlike Facebook deleting a Profile Engine profile is permanent and you will not be able to reverse the process or log in again afterwards. Are you sure this is what you want to do?

Update 10th Nov 2011. Due to the ongoing fault at Facebook, Facebook login for deleting Profile Engine profiles is currently unavailable. Many users can still login and delete a profile by clicking the login button and then the "email me a password" link. If this does not work for you and you need your profile removed quickly (normal login service will be resumed soon) you can email us attaching official photo identification (eg. a passport or drivers license). ID is necessary to verify that you are the genuine owner of the profile you want deleted. You may black out any parts of the ID which are not needed to identify you. Please also ensure that your email includes the full URL (web address) of the proifle you want deleted. Email address: help AT profiletechnology.net "

What a disgusting condescending attitude 'u dont really want want to delete your account' !! They are violating my privacy and that of other people who have deleted their Facebook accounts! I cannot believe no one has raised an issue about Profile Engine yet!!

Please help !

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    In spite of what chris14679 says, Google and Bing and the others do not make a mirror of all your Facebook info! Looking at the Profile Engine site, it seems to me that they're not tryin' very hard to be reached, either, I noticed (no customer service page, phone number, etc.).

    The company is based in New Zealand, so unfortunately there's no BBB that can be brought in on your side. In light of that, I'd do the following: 1) make sure you send a complaint to Facebook; 2) use the WHOIS information for the domain and contact the Profile Engine and request deletion in writing and cc a third party witness, such as an attorney or even a friend; 3) read the NZ privacy law information at http://privacy.org.nz/how-to-complain/ and download/complete/submit the complaint form; 4) go to the Consumer NZ website and contact them so see if they can help.

    Also, as the company appears to be an incubator of the Auckland University of Technology, you might contact them too and see if they're able to help you.

    It's a lot of work and inconvenience to deal with, but maybe if enough people protest companies like this the genie can be put back into the bottle. Def don't trust them, and be prepared to keep checking back to see if your info is finally gone and stays gone.

    Good luck!

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    I have the exact same problem and I am very upset right now. I discovered my page on their website less than 24 hours ago as I type and I have never even visited nor heard of their website before until I found my page on Google's search results. I have NEVER made my profile publicly available and I have always made sure that advertisers and third party apps have no access to my personal info.

    I have read their very unhelpful "Help" page and sent their support team an email and they told me to prove my identity by sending a copy of my ID. I was like, what the hell? They will never help. They will instead continue to ask you to provide them documents, which I think is totally dumb since that will even be a more serious breach of privacy especially when I never even visited their website in the first place. I told them that and they just keep insisting that I have given them consent at some point.

    That website (profileengine.com) should be taken down and such websites that steal information should never be allowed to run. Also, all Facebook users who have not been aware of this privacy violation should report that website.

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    :D Profile Engine is a search engine? What kind of a search engine is that? Keeping a copy of information that they do not update? Under which agreement? Search engines are not like that. If you remove the public profile option in Facebook all search engines (Google, Bing etc.) remove them from the index. That is search engine. This is stealing. This should be taken to the court.

    Never send them your documents. This is a business. Mafia.

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    i deleted my myspace a long time ago and i have a Facebook account only, and my profile engine is connected to some myspace profile. i created a new myspace account and reported that page and helpfully that gets that fake account deleted so i can then delete the one i made. but i can't get or claim this stupid profile engine to delete it. ! HELP ! who did this stupid engine profile for me ????

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    For some reason I am not able to access my acct on Facebook with my email, security questions nothing has worked. Will Profile Engine help me with that (so when I go on Facebook I will be able to log in)?

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    For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/3VgpH

    Go to your favourite search engine, in the browser window enter your contacts's screen name (nick) followed by "yahoo profile" (without the highmarks) and start searching. I found quite a few users this way...

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    I claimed my profile and then went to the help section at the bottom of the webpage.

    In the list of help topics is an option to delete your profile.

    They try and scare you by saying that you will lose all your friends and groups.

    This site cannot log into your Facebook account, so don't worry. I don't care about my stuff on this site!

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