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problem with my asus pce-n10 wireless adapter?

i got a new computer yesterday and configured it (which it was done at the computer shop properly) i just had to install the driver for my asus pce-n10 wireless adapter. it seemed to have installed properly and i get internet connection , i use the adapter to connect to my brothers optus wireless modem. it connects to the modem for like a minute or so and drops out after that and makes the optus wireless modem drop out to, i have no idea what the problem could be? it seems like its working but all of a sudden it drops out and makes the wireless optus modem drop out to.


oh and when it shows the signal strength it is usually above half and sometimes fully. the computer set up is in my room the modem is in my brothers room which is located about 11 metres away roughly

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    There should be no reason that the wireless modem drops out when your laptop drops the connection! This could be an issue with the wireless modem losing connection from the wall and resetting or wireless transmission to the laptop!! Does the same issue happen with other computers/laptops connected to the modem also ?

    When you notified that the wireless modem drops connection, does your brother lose connection to the internet or modem also ? If that is not the case then you need to check for few wireless settings on your laptop which needs to be tweaked.

    1.) If you are not far from the wireless modem (atleast not more than 2 rooms) then the wireless connection should be good. If the optus modem is a 'n' type then you can go futher like even outside your house.

    2.) Ensure that you have the latest wireless driver installed. Check with 'Windows Update' or Asus Support Site if an update is available to download and install. Additionally check if the modem could be updated too for a more stable firmware

    3.) Remove the Encryption and if the connection is stable then you need to apply a different Encryption Code or Type (WPA or higher) to have better compatibility.

    4.) There could be other wireless modem close to your house or even electronic appliances like microwaves that interfere. Try changing the wireless channel to '11' instead of '6' I cannot guarentee on 'Auto' channel settings since high end wireless devices use this feature effectively.

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    Asus Pce-n10 Driver

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    It really sounds to me like you are way too far away from the wifi modem/router.

    A second possibility is that your service is actually dropping out. You can only complain to the ISP about that.

    Next, if this is DSL you may have a bad DSL filter that is causing this when someone uses the phone.

    Next, you could have a near neighbor who uses the same channel your modem/router uses. Go in there and change the channel.

    Finally you could have a cordless phone in the house. Again. go in and change the channel.

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    attempt transferring the Modem to a distinct position. some modems do unlike being close to different on the spot products including a hands loose telephone. or maybe the on the spot mouse, keyboard or printer can intervene with it. move it about 6 ft away in case you could.

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