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How to do this complaint case assignment

Mr. Lee was a retired accountant and enjoy visiting the management office, He always confuse of the management fee billing date, all the time said that the management fee billing cycle is wrong.

Also Mr. Lee was talking again pointlessly to our staff A in the management office all the time is around 2 hrs. At that time Staff B interrupted the conversation as there was an Urgent phone call for Staff A. Mr. Lee was extremely annoyed and considered that Staff B did not respect him. He complainted to Staff A afterwards and demanded that Staff B be dismissed or at least re-deployed to another estate. He did not accept the apologies of Staff B or the explanations of Staff A, and was therefore referred to their Property Officer whom he also found fault with.

Mr. Lee also phoned Staff A at home during holidays. Being upset with the harassment, Staff A referred the matter to his supervisor and was told he could decline such out of office hours phone calls. When Staff A eventually declined Mr. Lee phone call, Mr. Lee could not accept the loss of face and complaintd to the Property Manager against Staff A for speaking foul language. He demanded the dismissal or at least re-deployment of both Staff A and B otherwise he would escalate his complaint to top management and the media.

Mr. Lee was invited a meeting to resolve the issue but he refused. He would only meety with the Property Manager in an office of ICAC or District Council.

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    I am not sure if it is a real case, or a homework, or case study. But anyway, in this case, obviuosly Mr. Lee is making trouble and I believe that the management will fully support the frontline staff !!!

    From your information, staff A and B didn't do anything wrong. If you dismiss aor redeploy them, it is very unfair to them and only imply that you agree with Mr. Lee.

    In this case, I suggest you can issue a letter to Mr. Lee, explaining the issue black and white. First of all, you have to explain the billing cycle of the management fee, stating clearly the method of the calculation and the deadline of payment. On the other hand, you have to explain the misunderstand among staffs and him, actually it is only a clarification of the issue, but not asking for his acceptance.

    Actually, If he insists to make things bigger, such as refering the case to media, ICAC or District Council, he has his rights to do that. But you may also understand that those bodies will only accept case with full evidence.

    For the calls between Mr. Lee and staff A, it's an issue between staff A and Mr. Lee, the management office cannot intervene it. But as supervisor, you need to tell staff A, if he felt annoyed, he could report to Police directly, but the management office will not get involve in this issue at the early stage.

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