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How many more days before Tyrant Scott Walker is dumped into the garbage pile of history?

"Effort to recall Wis. governor kicks off Tuesday"

"...potential candidates to replace Walker are jockeying for position behind the scenes and preparing for a primary to narrow the field if the party doesn't unite behind one person. The possibilities include former U.S. Rep. Dave Obey, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and state Sen. Jon Erpenbach — one of 14 state senators who fled to Illinois in an ultimately futile effort to block a vote on Walker's bill. Former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk also could be a contender. Her home area includes Madison, the state capital."


@Since Walker is gone, I'll not have to answer any queries on the matter.

Have a nice day!

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    So it doesn't matter to you at all that Gov Walker's bill made it possible for most school districts in WI to save about 40% of the costs of their health care contracts? Because the high-priced union-owned plan had to match a lower bid from a private company to keep the gig? That keeps your precious union members employed, you goof. There isn't an unexhaustible font of money! And if you start doing something for the members that they can see is good for them, they may actually pay you your dues voluntarily (since you can't coerce them into paying them through payroll deduction anymore, thank you , Governor Walker!).

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    Do you actually believe that he is a tyrant or are you just a Japanese Socialist who loves meddling in foreign affairs? I am also going to point out that Jerry Brown proposed the same "draconian" cuts to union employees in the state of California. Are you going to complain about him?

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    Just beacause he dont give out freebies hes a tyrant. StephenG had his welfare cut off. Hes having a bad day

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    All this because Walker asked supposedly grown adults to be responsible for a *little* more of their own lives!

    Source(s): ‡ Union goons whine.
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    the fewer the better

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