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Pavel asked in SportsFootball (American) · 8 years ago

Should AJ Smith, GM of the Chargers, be fired at season's end?

Since 2006 he's drafted Antonio Cromartie, Buster Davis, Larry English, and Ryan Mathews. The first 3 players were all busts and Ryan Mathews seems to be soft and often injured. Smith also traded 3 draft picks to move up and select Jacob Hester and he hasn't lived up to the tade. Ryan Mathews cost the chargers an additional pick and he is always injured. Eric Weddle cost the chargers 4 picks and he often blows deep coverages. Also, Weddle was signed to a huge contract making him the highest paid free safety and he has not lived up to it. Smith decided to let Darren Sproles go, he let Michael Turner go when LT was on the decline, he let Steve Chandler go to the Bills when the Chargers need an good player at TE to backup Gates when he's injured. Smith also let ILB Kevin Burnett go in free agency as well. Furthermore, the Chargers kept preseason sensation Bryan Walters at wide receiver by waiving another reciever that proved himself during the regular season last year in Seyi Ajirotutu. What has Bryan Walters done? Back to practice squad duty. Last, but not least among stupid player decisions, Smith decided to give Jeromy Clary a 5 year contract after showing last year and again this year that he cannot block and should be riding the pines. Long laundry list of bad player personel decisions. If you want to include bad coaching moves then include Norv Turner being hired instead of Rex Ryan and hiring Greg Manusky who can't instill discipline in this defense.


He is a bust because he would never tackle. As a jets fan, you should remember this play. Shonne Greene gets the ball and runs right through the middle. In front of him was Cromartie and what did Cromartie do? He sidestepped Greene and Greene went on to the endzone ensuring the Jets was the 2009 AFC divisional playoff game. He is not a good man to man corner as he continuously gives too much space, wasn't physical enough, and refused to tackle when necessary. Even this year with the jets he hasn't been able to compliment Revis very well.

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    I'm with you dude, but I don't think Schottenheimer have been fired either. True Rex Ryan would have been a better bet than Turner, but I think it was a mistake to fire Schotty. AJ Smith is a douche bag, and has too big an ego for his position. Case and point - holding off working out a contract with V Jax last season cost the team a lot. As a Chargers fan, I hate seeing them struggle this way. Rivers is taking a lot of heat too, but he's no the problem. Receivers aren't making plays, and the line isn't offering protection. Sure there's been injuries, but with the talent they have on their team, they shouldn't be floating around .500 like they are. That division is theres for the taking! The way re-signing players works though, it's hard to see how they could have held onto all the players you mentioned and still have cap room, but I share your frustration in seeing some of those guys go out the door. Can you imagine if they chargers still had Michael Turner?! Ryan Matthews has some potential though I think -- though he might not be the elite back like they were hoping for, some of his struggles can be contributed to other positions not doing well. It all starts from the top though for sure, and I think the Chargers should fire AJ Smith too. Aside from being a garbage GM, he's just a complete asshole.

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    I agree that AJ Smith should be fired, but I disagree with some of your supporting examples. Yes, I do believe that Antonio Cromartie, Craig Davis, and Larry English were bad draft choices. Cromartie did have one elite season, but he's more of an athlete than football player, considering he was less willing to tackle than Deion Sanders and more of a slouch than Randy Moss. Plus, his lack of chemistry with the rest of the team and off-the-field troubles were huge problems. Davis ticked me off from day one, considering that, as a 1st round pick, he almost never lined up wide and was ALWAYS plagued with injuries... ALWAYS... (He shouldn't have gone in the 1st round!) English just has been between being converted to outside linebacker, not being given many opportunities, and being injured, so I don't really blame him. Hester may not be the flashiest guy on the team stat wise, but he has become an extremely valuable fullback since converting Mike Tolbert to running back, as he can take out defenders twice his size, and still gives Rivers a pass option out of the backfield with his speed and tackle breaking ability (even if he does drop a ball every now and then). Not to mention, his special team play is superb. But DO NOT become another uneducated Chargers fan against Weddle. I will admit he was overpaid, but his stats don't reflect his leadership on and off the field, along with his exemplary form tackling and underrated speed. He blows coverage? Yeah, once in a blue moon! You could say the same for Ed Reed or Darren Sharper! He's just not a disposable part of our secondary...

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  • Chaos
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    8 years ago

    How is Antonio Cromartie a bust. He might have been a distraction in the locker room, but when he was on the field, he was a flat out playmaker.

    I don't know, but if anyone deserves to be fired in San Diego, it's Norv Turner

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