How do I apply for dual citizenship?

I was born in England, mother English, father American. I have a British Birth Certificate and an expired American passport. I'm 53 so I didn't know if it was to late.

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  • Gerd P
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    8 years ago
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    Dual citizenship cannot be applied for. You either hold it (and you are entitled to get passport of two countries) or you don't. Based on your information you hold dual citizenship. Your American passport has been issued based on your American citizenship which was certified after your father had registered your birth at the U.S. Embassy in the U.K. and you hold a U.S. Consular Report of Birth Abroad which is similar to a Birth Certificate.

    You also hold British Citizenship since you was born in the United Kingdom before the 1st of January 1983. Before 1983 the U.K. has applied to "Jus soli" (birthright citizenship) which makes any person born in the U.K. a British citizen (except children born to foreign diplomats with immunity status). British citizenship cannot be lost unless it is officially renounced by the citizen or it has been obtained fraudulently through a naturilization process. If you want to apply for a British passport you will just need to fill an application form C-1 and mail it together with your full British birth certificate, two European size passport photographs, of which one must be certified by a guarantor who has known you for at least two years and who has a good standing in the community, a photocopy of your ID, and a money order, bankers certified check, or credit card withdrawal authorization of $244 ($211 passport fee + $33 courier fee) to the:

    Regional Passport Processing Centre, Washington DC

    British Embassy

    19 Observatory Circle N.W.

    Washington DC 20008

    Should you have changed your name you will also need to provide the marriage certificate. Additional requirements apply for a name change by deed poll. ..

    Be aware of the fact that you must use your American passport to leave and enter the U.S. based on section 215 of the U.S Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1185). Hence if you plan to travel overseas you will also need to renew your U.S. passport ($135 if expired for longer than five years). ..

    It actually only makes sense to get both passports if you plan to stay in Europe/Schengen for longer than 90 days (which is not possible on the U.S. passport without a visa or residence permit) or if you plan to frequently visit a country to which Americans need a visa and Brits are visa exempt like to Brazil or Paraguay.

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  • mosty
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    3 years ago

    except Barbados has maximum original rules with regards to citizenship my perception is right here: First you'll be able to desire to bodily be in Barbados and therein acquire your finished citizenship based upon your birthright. next you would be issued a Barbados certificates of citizenship, pondering they do such issues, and then receive a Barbados passport. that could desire to coach you have such citizenship. besides the undeniable fact that, it does not be sensible or prudent so which you would be able to recent your Barbados passport to US government once you have into the States in simple terms because it rather is not sensible for a twin-citizen to recent their American passport once you have into their 2nd u . s . a .. In different words, get your twin-citizenship and luxuriate in it yet do not flaunt it.

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