what long board would u get?

ok so im in 9th grade and i want a long board but i am new to all of this and i was looking stuff up and do u think this would be a nice long board? its $159.99

Arbor Mission Complete Longboard

Arbor's new swallowtail - the Mission GT, with its extended, concave shape, kicked tail, and longer wheelbase is ideal for flat ground cruising, carving banks, mellow downhill runs, or any urban mission.

Completes include: Arbor 65mm, 78a durometer Street Series wheels, ABEC 5 bearings, and 9" Gullwing Charger trucks.


Length: 37.50

Width: 8.60"

Wheelbase: 23.00"


The seven maple plies used in this design come from sustainable sources of supply.


All wood by-product created during the production of our skateboards is reclaimed for use in other Arbor products or by outside companies. This allows Arbor to stretch an important resource, while helping to reduce the strain on landfills and forests.


All Arbor skateboards are produced using a water-based sanding sealers to avoid polluting the air we breathe, especially when skating.


All Arbor completes are shipped with recycled plastic risers, which allows us to reduce our dependence on petroleum-based plastics, while helping the effort to stop the proliferation of plastic pollution

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  • 8 years ago
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    This long board sounds good.

    Nice job on investigating the board.

    I like the Environmentally friendly pieces that are used.

    Take care.

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