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What's the difference between hash and pot? ?

I know hash is pure THC but do you get more in trouble with the law if your caught with it or is it the same as marijuana? is it more unhealthy? How is it made?

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    Hashish and weed both originate from the female cannabis plant, the cannabis sativa. Cannabis is the generic name for hashish and weed. Small resin glands are situated at the flowering tops and upper leaves of the cannabis plant. They look like hairs that produce resin. When you look at the flowering tops you can see the hairs. The resin attracts pollen and contains THC; the active substance of hashish and Pot.

    Pot is made of the dried flowering tops of the cannabis plant. It is also possible to make hashish from the resin. The resin is compressed and called hashish. In general hashish is stronger than weed. The intensity of the effects of weed depends on the use of only the upper part of the plant, or also the use of the middle part of the plant.

    Hashish is actually pure resin. Producing hashish requires the separation of the resin from the flowering tops by drying and cooling the plant. After that, the plant is filtered. The small resin grains fall through the sieve, which can be repeated several times. It is then crushed into powder, by hand or with the help of a press. The oil that comes free causes the powder to stick. It is then molded into a brown slice. That is called hashish.

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    Hash is really opium but it is smoked the same way in a pipe or bong. Pot, grass, weed, Mary J, cannabis, are all words for the same thing. It it also called bud in some places which are densely pack round clumps of marijuana with white or translucent crystals on top and will cause a newbies eyes to water and nose to run immediately and will tickle and tingle your lungs even if you are a hardened cigarette smoker. Good pot is also very, very sticky. You want to avoid leaf which is the poorest part of the plant. Stay away from homegrown which isn't very high quality at all. Avoid any that is flaky like parsley and not in tight, packed, round buds.

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