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Teens: What was the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?

i had one that happened only a week ago.

i had stayed after school last tuesday for the school art club. i am one of the club advisors. (when i became club advisor i was soooo happy :D)

so anyways, i was asked by one of the seniors to climb up onto one of the counters and reach up into one of the cabinets and grab a new can of blue paint (cause i am short, and if he went onto the counter he would have hit his head on the ceiling!)

so i hopped up onto the counter and as i went to reach into the cabinet, i guess i moves my foot or whatever and lost my balance. i fell backwards and the senior caught me, but my shirt rided up when he caught me and it went up really high, and everyone who was watching could see my chest. (and i dont wear a bra cause i dont have boobs yet, and training bras r pointless to me). and it was really embarrassing, cause the senior was trying to hold me up and pull my shirt down at the same time cause he wanted me to be as un-embarrassed as possible. (and btw, im 15 and in 10th grade)

it was so awkward. and stuff, and the senior (whose name is Daniel) came up to me after the club and said that he was sorry about earlier and gave me a hug. it was really sweet and nice and stuff. and it made me feel alittle better, but it was still awkward...

so what was the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?

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    oh god thats nothing! dont worry about that because everyone will have forgotten by next week...

    one time my nan walked in on me fingering myself, i wanted to die after that...

    my best friend walked in on me and my boyfriend just before we had sex- threw a condom our way, screamed USE PROTECTON and walked out, i was only in my bra and knickers!

    my best friend walked in on my boyfriend jacking off :O

    my life is full of shamefull dramas :S

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    Well, I'm a swimmer, and as you maybe know really competitive swimmers wear really tight suits made of delicate material called fast-skins. I wore my new 300$ suit for the first time one meet in the 200 meter breast-stroke, which is 8 laps. It had taken me like twenty minutes to put on my suit which was sooooo tight. As I got on the blocks for my race, the back of my suit ripped and expose half my butt! But I was on the blocks, about to swim the most important race of the meet, and I didn't know what to do! So I swam the race anyways, and the entire time the rip did nothing but expand, meaning that my coach, team mates, and any other onlookers (I'm sure there were plenty!) could see almost my entire butt by the time I finished the race. I then had to climb out of the water and run across the deck to get my towel. SO embarrassing!!

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    I'm sorry!

    I have 2:

    I was a freshmen in highschool and it was my first day at a new school, and I had no friends. At lunch I sat with this girl that I had in a couple of my classes, and sometime during lunch somebody had spilled something on my back, and I hadnt noticed. Nobody told me and I went the whole day with disgusting crap all over my back.... I thought I was going to die....

    And my brother (he's 2 years older than me) had his friend over one day, and his friend and I liked each other, but we wouldnt admit it... Anyways, I was taking a shower, and I didnt lock the door because I knew no one would come in. But just as I was opening the shower curtain, he opened the door, and saw me completley naked. That was sooo embarrassing.... But now were friends so it's all good.

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    I was at the movies three months ago with about 10 friends. We all had fun , were happy but my girlfriend wasn't with me. Close to the end of the movie my girlfriend broke up with me in front of two of my closest guys friends(well next to me since one was sitting to the left of me the other to the right). I walked out the movie theatre and sat on the bench at a point I almost cried. We were together for 13 months...Since the beginning of 9th grade..

    That was possibly the worst and most embarrassing day of my life.

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    My Freshman year of high school I went to the movies with this guy to see the Lovely Bones (not a very good movie to watch with a date btw). Anyways, part way through I had to go to the bathroom so I told him I'd be right back. I had left the theater and was walking up the stairs to the bathroom when I hear him call my name, I look down to find him standing in the lobby with my mom standing right next to him and a whole bunch of people staring. I was horrified. I looked at my mother and screamed, basically in front of the entire lobby, "what the hell are you doing here!?". Then I went downstairs to finish the conversation more privately and she said she thought that it was time to pick me up. When she finally left I asked my date what happened. He said she when I left she sat down next to him and asked how the date was going and if he liked me. Turns out she was in the same freaking theater watching us! After that the night was pretty awkward. I had told her what movie I was seeing and when cause I always did, as I usually have nothing to hide. After that incident, I have always been careful about what information I give her...

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    Hmm. I was grabbing onto my friends backpack so she thought it'd be funny to start running in a circle. She started dragging me behind her really fast so like my feet were off the ground, and I accidentally let go and like flew across the commons (which is like where everyone goes during passing at school) and landed on some chicks feet.

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    In my freshman year, I had told my mom I was just going to hang out with some of my friends at the mall, but I was really going to see a movie with my girlfriend who I had not told my parents about because I was too embarrassed of what they might say. Well my girlfriend and I were sitting in the back row and during the movie we were making out. What I didn't know is my parents were going to see the exact same movie. Afterwards I went home and acted natural and then my mom asked me 'So who were you at the movie with?' and I just kind of froze and I only got in trouble for lying but I guess it was okay because they knew I had a girlfriend.

    Another time I was watching porn on my ipod and I meant to close out of the tab, but I was so tired I forgot to and fell asleep. The next day my sister went to look up something and the video was still on the screen and she was cool about it but I couldn't look at her for months it was so embarrassing.

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    One time I was at my best friends house on thanksgiving, and I had pulled an all nighter and hadn slep in 20 some hours, so I passed out on her bed. this guy came in (her cousin's boyfriend's best friend, confusing, I know) and he was like, 23, SUPER hot, and I was 13, and super lame, and he dumped water ALL over me.. Oh, and I was wearing a white dress. He saw EVERYTHING under my dress. ended up wearing his shirt the whole rest of he day.

    A couple months ago me and my broher were joking around and he goes 'Katie, Where's Egypt?' I had no idea. He sill makes fun of me because of that.

    I was riding a horse one day, we were running down the road, he was a stallion and he was geting pissed off, we urn a corner and BOOM! he runs me into a stop sign and I break my ankle and foot, Then I have to hobble home and explain that I got knocked off the horse by a stop sign.

    And he most embarrising of all: In July, I was volunteering for VBS a my church, And there were four, really, really hot guys that were volunteering. All of whom got my number and flirted with me endlessly. Well on the final day of VBS I was supposed to read somehing, to all the kids parents, showing what they had learned, And The hottest of all the guys winked at me and I could barely read it, then I was painting a door, and he walked past, and I was looking at him, and i otally dropped the paint ALL over him, and me. it was terribleee !!! I'm still friends with him and he makes fun of me for it allll he time

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    I was doing swimming in school and the teacher was marking us on our dives.

    When I dove in I did a massive belly flop, when I resurfaced, these boys were staring at me. I tried to start a conversation going 'Oh yeah I know, I suck right? Haha' but they kept staring at me but I shrugged it off and kept talking. Soon after I looked down and realised my bikini top had come off. I was standing there with my boobs on display, talking to a bunch of boys.

    I went to my boyfriend's house for the first time to met his parents and I was really excited. When I got there, dinner was already on the table and there weren't enough chairs so I had to sit on my boyfriend's lap. A little bit later while we are still at the table, I realise that my period had started early and it had leaked through my pants and onto my boyfriend. He was so grossed out that he went upstairs to shower and I had to borrow his mum's clothes. He broke up with me the next day..

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    Oh man that's pretty bad I'm sorry. random embarrassing stuff happen to me all the time. Last week was pretty bad, my period went through my pants and some got on my seat in one of my classes :/ thank got i was wearing black pants and the seat was dark

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