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how much is a 1915 Waltham open face pocket watch worth? Who buys these pocket watches?

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    Waltham made over 40 million watches in their nearly 100 years of existence. Some of the best are worth over $10,000. A significant majority of them are worth $50 or less.

    A serial number would be very telling. Most 7-15 jewel Walthams from 1915 are in the $50 or less category. A normal "railroad grade"(i.e. Crescent St., Riverside, 645, Vanguard) running will typically be $200-300. A high grade Riverside Maximus is worth quite a bit more than this.

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    Waltham Pocket Watch Value

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    $100 if it is working

    $35 if not working

    You can find out the year made and company information at pocketwatchrepair . com ( i don't work for them and it is free to visit).

    There are hundreds of similar watches for sale on ebay.

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    Pawn shops and watchmakers buy them.

    Not sure of the value.

    You'd be better off taking it to a watchmaker (If you can find one) than a pawn shop.

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    pawn shops ebay

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