How could this be improved?

"Their once-stable relationship now thrived off negativity, partially due to the fact that they were both stressed to the core and clashed more than ever. They were constantly trying to prove worthy to the boss, clinging desperately to a fading reputation as competent, high-ranking perfectionists. It was something that they just couldn't afford to let slip through their fingers. Nobody could afford to fail in this organization."

If you could improve on that in ANY way, please do. Also, the part where it says "competent, high-ranking perfectionists" ...I need a better word for perfectionists. They are high-ranking, successful members of a mob, so I don't think perfectionists is the right word, and I couldn't find any fitting synonyms for "succeeders".

Thanks in advance!

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  • Anne M
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    9 years ago
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    Their relationship, once stable, began to decline. The immense stresses both of them felt caused them to clash in all aspects. Each was constantly trying to impress the boss and appear worthy of his notice but both felt their reputations as perfectionist in their field were slipping from their control. This was something that would not be tolerated in the organisation.

    Perfectionist seems fine. One can be a crook but still do whatever very well

    Does anyone in the US have a thesaurus?

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