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what to buy my friend as a good bye gift?

my best friends moving away in 2 months and i really want to get him a present as a good bye gift. hes 15 if that helps and i have no idea on what to buy him ... HELPP

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  • 10 years ago
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    When my best friend was going to a different school it was about the same time as her birthday so i bought her a present and some sweets but i also made a giant collage of everything like our families, our friends, our primary school, our favorite songs,poems,activities and things like that. It took a long time but everyone loved it and found it quite emotional. I put it in a frame and then decorated it. Also (TOP SECRET) i hid a letter in the back of it for if she ever was getting rid of the frame or something i suspect she wont find it for a long time and i'm glad i left it there as she will love it!!! I hope this helps! :D

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