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Does he like me? 10 points best conclusion :D?

So my there is this guy (obviously) and he is my really good friend. His family likes me, and our moms are friends (that always seems to seal a true friendship...... hmm.....) He seems to flirt with me, and i flirt with him a lot too. I've liked him for over a year

We're in 8th grade now, and he's starting to grow taller than me (this is annoying, cause im really tall for a girl. there are ONLY 3 other girls in my grade as tall as me, if not taller) and his voice is getting less crackly and staying deeper. But my friend (this is that girl in my previous question, Amy) says he loves me, even though she has no proof.

But there ARE signs that he does.

1) He gave me his jacket, ONCE AND ONLY ONCE. He said it was JUST to be friendly, which i understand.

2) We usually sit next to each other every day at break and lunch

3) Once, i said i was cold. Our friend (lets call her Ashley) gestured at me and gave him a look. They had the class before me together, and i have NO idea WHAT they say to each other anymore. lol. (FWI she encourages me to flirt with him more. Thats right. more.)

4) when we walk next to each other, we end up bumping into each other.

5) This part makes me mad. IT was raining the other day, and he decided to open up his colorful umbrella, and put it under us. He stared straight forward at where Ashley and our other friend were sitting, and said "I made a barrier! :D :D :D " But then, Amy and her two friends (we're all friends, they tease me all the time) were looking at me, laughing. Then one stood up and said "HEY KIM, HAVING FUN MAKING OUT UNDER THERE?!" I was so steamed.

Does he likes me? He acts all flirty, and i can usually figure these things out, but he's......unreadable. His twin sister used to say He really Loved Me, but thats probably expired now. Im not sure, we're not good friends enough for me to ask her without it being awkward.


just to let you know, i dont mind dating him, but his sister will throw a hissy fit if i do, since their not allowed to date. She was forced under peer pressure to date this guy, and boy, her bro did NOT like it!

3 Answers

  • 10 years ago
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    if you really like this guy don't be afraid to just confess your feelings to him. if he really likes you back he will tell you.

    if you wanted to ask him out...JUST DO IT! you have nothing to be scared of you never know he might like you back and by the sounds of things he does like you back. if his twin sister was telling you he liked you it might be true but if your friends tell you he likes you then it should be true. (classic boy who likes you move)

    hope i helped :)


  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Just ask him if he is gonna kiss you or not... if he doesnt hes not worth your time. every one deserves someone who wont hesitate to make that decision. so ask to hang out alone someday without the pressure of your friends and if he doesnt make a move by the very end just ask...

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

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