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whys everyone always complain about metroid other m?

.-. i honestly dont see the problem with it (and i realize this is about a two year old subject if i remember the date right ... but to be fair this two year old subject is still being complained about so .... yea)

people usualy complain about a few set things

1. voice acting

2. the way samus's character was portrayed (mostly when ridley was revealed)

3. the graphics

4. samus not being bad *** enough

5. the way you had to fire missles

6. activateing switches that needed to be shot with a charge beam in first person view

7. searching for something in first person view

8. not being able to move in first person view

ok i can kinda understand that missle thing and the charge beam thing cus that got anoying ... especialy when you were about the start the ridley fight

but i dont really understand the complaints about everything else the voice acting seemed ok nothing great but nothing bad

the graphics were pretty good too and the way samus was portrayed wasnt really a bad thing either ... although i guess i can understand the major complaints about her reaction to find out ridley was revived but when you put yourself in her position it actualy makes sense that she freaked out , i meen ridley was dead, down and out, killed, ka-put, pushed up daisies, G-O-N-E gone! and yet for what at that point seemed like no reason at all (keep in mind it wasnt revealed to her that ridley was cloned yet) he was back, he was on the ship, and ready to kill samus put that fact together with the fact that he wiped out everyone on her planet when she was a child and then ... everything makes some sense (isnt the first time shes freaked out cus of ridley apearing either .-. unless for whatever reason your excluding the events of the manga)

as for the not being bad-*** enough ... ive never understood what people ment by that yet its said over and over and over (at least from the people ive heard it from) ... do they meen combat? cus combat wise samus was completly bad *** ( i scream fatality everytime i stick the charged arm cannon in ridleys mouth and fire it off o.o"") was it her attitude towards adam? i didnt see a problem there either, she looked to him as a father figure whats so bad about that (ok i realize thats not much of a defense but i realize im starting to rant a little here and i dont want to drone on more than i already am) was it the ridley thing if so see the above was it that some people cant stand that samus is a person instead of a mindless drone that just goes around killing? or was it a fact that the game just made samus apear "weak" was it that samus waited on adam to tell her when she could use her weapons ( ok i'll give anyone who hated that some credit cus that did anoy me a little too ... but to be fair its a better reason for her not being able to use all her abilities than some unexplained reason) (( just to say though ... metroid primes reason was better))

now lets cover all those first person view things i listed ... admitadly they did get anoying and i really cant defend them the search moments could of easily been part of cutscenes the missles couldve been asigned to the b button those switches couldve been auto-targetable ... actualy if theres one thing about it i can defend its not moveing in first person view, the game is ment to be played with the wii mote held sideways (once again not going into detail cus ive realized im ranting and dont want to drone too much more) but problem with those complaints is... there just minor anoyances at best

i think i covered everything (although im sure i forgot something) ... and sorry for my little rant i realized ive been going on for ... too long basicly but for those few of you who actualy bothered to read down all the way to this point .... answer this for me why is it that people always complain about other m for things that are just minor anoyances, or pointless, mainly the voice acting .-. and now that i think about it this game might have been doomed to complaints either way cus right now its being complained for voice acting but if it didnt have voice acting then chances are everyone would be saying/doing this "metroid prime 3 had voice acting, why didnt this one! im gona complain about this for years! *goes on ign finds a comment page of an article bout other m and starts raging"

... im falling into the 500 character counts if i go on any longer im gona have to add extra details or something ... make that 400's, so im just going to end things by saying if you read this whole thing and came up with a legitimate answer thanks i apreciate it, and im sorry if i got anything in here wrong mixed anything up or ... if the whole page just seems like a mess when i go on like this that usualy happens so once again im sorry 100's character count anyway im out people look foward to your answers

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  • 10 years ago
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    Here is my reasoning. This is going to be a game, that will not do good now, but will be good later on reflection.

    My 40min rant agrees with you, but it also gives more reasoning to a lot of stuff. This game is just not what people expected.

    Here is my video (Not Fanboy, Fanatic (I will tell what I don't like about it):

    btw, It has only been 1 year.

    Source(s): I totally agree that the complaints are not needed. Metroid Fanatic YouTuber - SYLUX8675309
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