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Can I report a video on youtube for violating someone else's copyright?

I found a video on youtube that violates a copyright. it says "i don't own this video, this is so and so's video". Is it okay for me to report to youtube that I found a video which violates a copyright? Or can only the owner of the video? It pisses me off that the owners of these videos arent aware that their videos are being uploaded and posted by other people--either that or they just dont care. There are multiple copies of the same video on youtube. My guess is people use the youtube downloader to download videos they like, then they re-upload them as their own--which is illegal. This pisses me off though because plenty of people on youtube do this and get away with it but nobody does anything about it(thats why people get away with it) and youtubers are real jerks about it and extremely crude when you mention anything--calling me all kinds of nasty names, even calling me filthy names and telling nasty things--even accusing me of being a filthy old man doing nasty gross things and that i dont have anything better to do(im a girl) after i let them know of their violation.

I found the owner of the video and mentioned this to him. I'm waiting for a response. it would piss me off it i found someone posting my videos on youtube--they would have a lawsuit on their hands. im just trying to do someone a favor. im sick of people getting away with this crap on youtube, maybe i'll get into law and start going after copyright violators LOL


copyright has nothing to do with money, my art isnt worth anything, but if someone infringed on it, i could sue them for violating my copyright by hiring a lawyer regardless of how much money i have. its my right, its a civil right.

Update 2:

no, saying "no copyright infringement intended" while using someone elses video without permission is wrong and illegal---what if you stole something from a store, and you said "no crime, or offense, or stealing intended" same thing. saying no "infringement intended" is admitting that your using material illegally withiout permission. no infringment INTENDED--just because its not intended doesnt mean you wont be sued simply because you are using it without permission. "ignorance" is no excuse--oh theres a law for that too.

Update 3:

"no infringement intended" isnt a legal statement and doesnt protect a violator from being sued.

Update 4:

clearly none of you read my questions all the way through, much less very carefully.....I want a LAWYER!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Update 5:

i want a LAWYER!!!!! answer my questions!

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  • 10 years ago
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    I'm not a lawyer, and you're not going to get one in the middle of the night on Y!A anyway.

    So, on the substance, you are correct. Saying "no copyright infringement intended" is indicative of the plague of middle-schoolers on YouTube who don't know the difference between plagiarism and copyright infringement. It is dumb, and if anything it's an admission of guilt, not a protection.

    As far as I know, there is no legal reason that you can't make a copyright report through YouTube's reporting mechanisms. You should carefully check YouTube's Terms of Service to make sure that I'm right on this. It might even be possible to submit a Digital Millennium Copyright Act notification of infringement. I am not a fan, personally, because there have been many, many instances of big companies and other lawyer-savvy villains using DMCA requests to get rid of videos they don't like, even when the company so named doesn't hold the copyright in question. (For example, if you put up a clip from that episode of South Park where they make fun of Scientology, you can expect to receive a takedown notice -- from the Church of Scientology, not Viacom.)

    NearlyFreeSpeech would never stand for this, but not everybody can be as awesome as they are.

    Of course, because you have suffered no economic damages, you cannot *sue*, but I expect you knew this.

    And, look, the YouTube online community is even worse than Y!A because it is composed entirely of cave-dwelling pre-teens. Slings and arrows, I'm afraid, and you're probably better off just finding a different online community to worry about. (Reddit is a decent step up from Y!A, but it was entirely too groupthinky for me.)

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  • banga
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    5 years ago

    South Park Scientology Youtube

  • Vodkie
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    10 years ago

    I don't think so. All I know is "Infringes MY copyrights" is an option. If you're not the copyright owner, it's not your copyrights they are infringing

    But I still don't get why people use "I don't own it"

    come on now, you don't freakin' own it. it's not yours to place online in the first place. that is the stupidest disclaimer ever

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  • Actually when they state that its not their video, but that its someone else's that's not violating anything, that's what your supposed to do when using a copyrighted item. It's only if they claim the video is their own that would be copyright infringement.

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  • 10 years ago

    Why are you worried about copyright laws if you do not have money invested. Just let the viewers enjoy it and worry about other things.

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