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do some car manufacturer make unreliable car on purpose?

i was just wondering, cars like jaguar, range rovers, audi, bmw, volkswagen r very un reliable and poor durability in my own opinion, i mean do they do that on purpose so people would spend a fortune to them just to fix their car???

i mean they do know that their customers r wealthy because of buying such name brands, so they decided to rip off their wealth and stuff...???

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  • 10 years ago
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    No, they do not. They have a specified durability rating during which they are supposed to be very reliable. Often they will cut corners on parts or design to save money. This is because they want to maximize profit.

    Source(s): Mechanical auto engineer father in law
  • 10 years ago

    Of course not!

    Auto makers make their money off selling cars, not repairs. Dealerships make money off repairs, and the dealerships are privately owned, not owned by the automaker. No, in fact they aren't unreliable so much as they have MORE to them that can go wrong. Look at how the navigation system is spidered through the instrument cluster, ECU, radio, etc. All those sensors have to work together, and failure of one can cause multiple problems. Just like the 12 way power adjustable drivers seat with heating and cooling built in.

  • 10 years ago

    Yes! I used to work for Toyota in Japan back in 1988 and I have to say that it is unbelievable how horrible the creators of those cars are. When I worked there growing up as a child, my uncle was the owner. I often was able to sit in on him meetings and during the drawings of the cars, there was a lot of talk on the materials and ways of building each part for the car where it would not last as long as if it were made differently. They specifically talked about using even more expensive metals that were weaker than what they would usually use so that eventually the car would break down and the driver would likely buy another from that company again. Although sometimes this logic would fail because they would just switch to another company to avoid this situation.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    they probably do. just like you said to make extra money after the car has been sold. i've owned a lot of car brands Chevy, Ford , Dodge and lol the worst of them all a VW golf 2002 had to put in a minimum of 100$ in repair every month, buy a Toyota there the best money can buy, im never buying anything else

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