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Should I visit her after what occured?

I dated this woman for about 8 months, we were about to get engaged. Near the later part of 8 months, We weren't getting along so she moved back home to another state about 11/2 months ago. I was planning to see her in the next few days but just recently as we have been talking on the phone we got into an arguement where I found out she used my credit card without me knowing.

After that - we kindve got to a point were she told me not to come. So know I have this ticket and am wondering what should I do. I am expected to leave in a few days.

Discuss it with her again or what? we haven't spoken since. I did tell her I would need to see how much she owes me and that I would inform the cops.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    can't u return the ticket? and how does she have your credit card? or knows your pin number? i have been married to my husband for many years and live with him together - i do not know his credit card pin number. so maybe it is your fault in some extent too - u re not married and she already has access to your credit card. anywho, maybe she will return u the money. and u ask YOUR BANK about spending. don't u get the report like once a month? don't u have the receipts of your own spendings? all situation seems so shady to me

  • ?
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    10 years ago

    You don't trust her and have this against her. How did she get your credit information. Did you allow her to use it once before and she still had the number? Why would you want to visit her? Telling her you are going to inform the cops isn't going to make her want to see you. I don't know what type of ticket you have, but find out if it can be returned or exchanged for a trip to a different city.

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