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What is going through my ex gf's head?

We had a mutual break up 2 days ago, although it was prompted by me. She told me she would never forget me and that I should always remember our good times and that I was very special to her. Yesterday, I saw her sitting at a table with some guy and I walked by a few times.. obivously she saw me. A few hours later her friend text me (four msgs) explaining who the guys was and how it was nothing. Here's my question, why? Does she still want me? Like, what was the point of that? Or maybe the friend felt bad for me and text me? Do you think it was prompted by the ex?

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  • 10 years ago
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    She is in it up to her neck! Just sayin.....

  • 10 years ago

    With anything concerning the opposite sex it is tricky to say the least. A few possibilities would be...

    1. She was trying to make you jealous because you prompted the break up

    2. She has actually moved on which I say happened way to fast but that is just some speculation

    3. It is as her friend said and it is nothing



    sorry that is a little blunt isn't it..........

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