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? asked in Society & CultureLanguages · 10 years ago

Could someone that knows Spanish please tell me what is going on in this video.?

I hate to be irritating, but I really want to know, and I don't speak any Spanish.

Oh the woe of being a Marc Marquez fan. T_T

Thanks for your time.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    Interviewer: —When you were young, you was so little that you have to do a special preparation to the motorcycle, because have little weight is good, but not too little weight, right?

    Marc —Yes, we had to make a deposit for the gasoline more smaller... (i don't understand what are they saying next, because it's very "technical", something about they added 20 kilos to the motorbike)

    I:—well, you have a short stature

    M:—yes, everybody says "the kid is going to hit a growth spurt" (note: is well to say it this way? when you grow tall too translator to this phrase, sorry..)

    I:—well, there's no rush (laughs)... how do you prepare for a demanding season like this?

    M: —with fitness and resting at home..

    I: —Since two months ago you are not going to classes (school), is this good or not?

    M: —Bad for the clases, but i don't care either (laughs)... When it was over I will back to study

    I: —But is not going to end! ... And your friends, what they say when you return from a race?

    M: —They ask me about the ladies, (laughs) but I'm focus on the race

    I: —your father being present, so we must to say that


    I: —hey, and did you start at (...) (note: sorry, i don't understand the word, is something "technical" about the ground or something like that..)?, but you dont like it, right? you didn't like mud, right?

    M: —yes, i liked it, but i started with the 'speed', and i did it pretty good, i joined to a team, and it was free...

    I: —some pilots must to pay!

    M: —yes, I felt privileged


    Marc gives a gift to the interviewer

    M: —as I know you ride a motorbike, for the safe..

    I: —Yes, sometimes it is stolen... (laughs) but then I recover it

    M: —is a replica, and brought a large size for... (laughs)


    M: —..and this is for you to be safe when you don't go on the motorbike...a sponsor gave it to me

    I: —¡very retailer! when they get older they lose it...... ¡ah! ¡condoms! is this a sponsor of you?

    M: —yes yes.. (....)

    I: —I have everything to go out this weekend!


    ...they start to talk about the Barcelona's Olympics games...the public, races...awards... (at the video the other inteview ask to him if he can say to his wife that he's doing f**** awesome, and he says "he's excellent, he must to continue doing the things like that, etc")


    they talk about expectations, races...


    I: —... Do he like us?


    I: —We have a world champion that like us!!


    I: ... despite your humility, the people call you "super Marc" (shows the t-shirt) the year nº 1 of the legend, the legend start... do you like it? are you ok with that?

    M: —yes.. I do not like very much to have many t-shirts and things, but well...

    (then they talk about how important are the fans.. and.. a competitor? rosi? can be? i don't know what name they say..but with a joke)

    (The interviewer gives to Marc the super-Marc coat)

    I: —we crown you as new super hero, many successes!


    omg, the things I do for not studying.. anyway, it was fun :p

  • ?
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    5 years ago

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