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JuanErection asked in PetsDogs · 10 years ago

HELP! My two dogs don't get along!?

Alright, so I'm 14 and I have a bichon shih tzu named Willow and she is about 10 years old. She is a great little dog but I could hardly do anything with her. I taught her lots of tricks and agility but she got tired so quickly I could barley have a good fun exercise time with her. She is well behaved, but is scared of most everything in her old age. I wanted a dog I could work with to train and such. I got a boxer puppy about 2 months ago. Her name is Kobi. I chose a boxer because I heard they are great family dogs and get along with other dogs well. So far everything is great. She is a wonderful little puppy and she has even become play buddies with my youngest cat. There is only one problem. Willow hates her. We were worried at first that Kobi might be to big and aggressive towards Willoe, but she has never actually acted that way. When ever Kobi comes near Willow, Willow growls and barks. Willow is still the same dog she has always been. She still is very well behaved and we haven't seen any other changes with her. We still give her attention. Me and my mum recently started taking them to the park together and letting them off leash, just so they could interact without being on a leash or in an enclosed house. But Willow is still as hostile as ever. Its most likely because Kobi is new and intruding on Willows territory, but there has got to be some way to help them become better friends. Please do not tell me it can't be done because I have seen it happen many times before :) Does anyone know how I can train or teach Willow that Kobi just wants to be friends and that she has no reason to hate her so much? Please no negative comments. I'm no expert, I just want to make our whole families lives better :) Thanks so much <3 :D


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  • 10 years ago
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    I had a dog for 8 years before we introduced another puppy. The older dog hated the pup, but as the pup matured and got older, a friendship grew. It took about a year though. Just make sure your older dog knows she is not being replaced.

  • 10 years ago

    Willow needs to be allowed to deal with Kobi in her own way. She doesn't hate Kobi but she is trying to maintain her position in your family pack. Things will eventually settle down but not if you interfer. Kobi will learn what not to do around Willow and your household will be peaceful again. If Kobi tries to change the pack order when she becomes older, then you may have to protect Willow from her and get some professional help. Obedience classes started ASAP for Kobi would also be beneficial.

  • 5 years ago

    Hi I am speakme from first hand enjoy. I have a three 12 months historical pitbull, and a two 12 months historical chocolate lab.The lab should be combined with wolf bc he has alot of hair and he's giant, my pitbull is an American Staffordshire Terrier that is a medium sized pitbull.Both might be regarded significant breeds regardless that...Anyways, my pit is neutered and after we first announced them to one another my pit was once a million and my lab was once a doggy.They obtained alongside splendidly.There had been under no circumstances any assaults that i will be able to take into account.My pit was once regularly the Alpha puppy.As the lab obtained older, he obtained worn out of being the underdog and he began growling at my pit to exhibit he was once the Alpha.This is while lil assaults began.But they would nonetheless keep in combination.Then as time went at the assaults obtained worse until sooner or later, they just about killed every different.IT was once horrifying and blood and hair was once all over the place.They could not be pulled aside or even hitting them w/ blunt gadgets did not aid.They might have fought to the demise if extra ppl hadn't proven as much as pull them aside.Now they are not able to even appear at every different with out combating so the lab lives with me and the pit lives at my mothers.It is unhappy bc they used to get alongside so good.I would not hazard it if I had been you.There will regularly be person who desires to be the highest puppy, neutered or now not...Introducing women into the equation with two male puppies simplest worsens matters. Get a male and a feminine.They realize their areas routinely so combating is minimum....The lab will have a few probs with different men regardless that bc he even growls at male dogs.If he are not able to faucet it then he desires not anything to do with it.My pit fairly does not brain different puppies regardless that.They are each simply so dominant I bet.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I know how you feel i had an older dog, Kelsey and she was so sweet but when i got a new puppy she hated her. Mostly its cuz older dogs like a calm environments and feel its their house as you said if theres no aggression theyll eventually warm up to each other if u dnt leave food down and giv it periodicly u can feed and train them together in an open area! goodluck!

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