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how to break up with a guy your really close with..?

we just started going out a month ago .. i dont knoow if i like him we have great times togther and he always make me laugh i think ionly wanna break up with him because theres this other guy that i " think " likes me ive liked him for years and the other day we made out i think he just wanted to make out but all my other friends think he really does like me . should i break up with my boyfriend or should i not and if so how ?


yes i made out with another boy while we were dating because iv like the kid for years . i think mee and my boyfriend are better being friends i just dont know what to say wen i break up with him or how to break up with him

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    Wait so made out with this other guy while you were with your boyfriend?

    Then yes definitely break up with him.

    The guy your with doesn't deserve this, and it will hurt for you to break up with him, but even more if he finds out you really like another guy and have been cheating on him.

    If you really care about him, then you'll stay friends with him and prove it by starting conversations, msging him while not leading him on so you dont get his hopes up.

    Tell him face to face but be really nice about it, and be honest.

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