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how to have fun and entertain myself on...?

ok so in the beggining of january my family ( me, my sis, mom and dad) and my best friend are going in vacation for a week. the flight its about 5-6 hours. me and my sis and best friend are all sitting in the same row it has 3 seats. so what things can we do to entertain ourselves for apron 6 hours. and just a weird question also ( what pills that i can buy over the counter that put you right to sleep) and i need activities like a list that one of us can do or all of us three can enjoy. and just another question u know how they sell now a thing that you put in your iPod and then it divides in two and you can connect 2 headphones to listen music, well do they have some that divides in 3?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Just buy two dividers like plug one divider into your ipod then the other divider into the other divider and there you go you will have 3 plugs to plug all your earphones

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