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do i still have a chance with him?

Ok ya'll, ima try & make this short. (btw im not gay - my name's Zoe and im just using my bros account cos i dont have my own atm lol)

ok, im 15, and broke up with my bf of about 4 and a half months about 3 weeks ago.. at the time i didnt have feelings for him anymore, and liked this other guy.. i didnt want to be cheating on my bf by liking someone else, so i broke up with him. when i told him he was all "please dont break up with me" and then guessed that i liked someone else and was extremely pissed at me.. then the next day he apologised for getting angry and we've stayed friends since then... he also told me that life had since become horrible and that he was really happy before... he went to a dance and found a new crush, but then he told me things didnt work out with her and im guessing he doesnt like her anymore...

just now i really miss him and kinda have feelings for him again.. the guy i thought was perfect turns out to be a real jerk, and i want my bf back soo much - i feel like an idiot for breaking up with him and only like him..

anyway, i called him today and of course it was pretty awkward.. im pretty sure he's not into me anymore because we just made small talk and he asked why id called... i told him i missed him and was wondering if he'd like to hang out some time... and he said he honestly didnt know atm... i take that to mean he's completely over me, especially cos i then asked him if he'd like me to hang up so he could do his assignments and he said yea, but even if he doesnt like me i'd still like to catch up with him some time soon... im going to drop it now and just wait for him to make the next move (if ever) but i just want to know, is it likely that he'll come around do you think?

thanks for taking the time to read

ZoZo xx

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  • 10 years ago
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    I hear wedding bells...

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago


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