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How are some people able to retain a certain childlike innocence about them like this?

I really like this girl at my work. She is one of those few people who are honestly exceptionally beautiful, but the girl does not care whatsoever, which makes her even more beautiful. She really happy and innocent, she is one of those few people who actually care about personality not appearance. She is one my close friends and she amazes me. She will say a man is handsome and that is. Many men are trying to pay her way through college, she does not accept any offers. She is not interested in money, glamour or looks. She only dates men she is sincerely interested in, if they happen to be attractive, then that's good. She is currently dating this really, tall goofy-looking guy, she is not with him to prove she's not shallow, she sincerely likes him. she admits he is not the best-looking but I can always tell she loves him for real.


Man she is dating is not rich either. People tell her all the time she could do better, but she does not care. Do not get me wrong, the girl can be annoying. But I never met anyone so sincere, honest, and carefree as her. Even if she were not beautiful, she is still so lovable.

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  • Angela
    Lv 6
    10 years ago
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    Because she is naive, still. Don't worry, she'll wise up.

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