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Which camera takes good photos and videos like these?

I'm looking for an awesome camera(DSLR/SLR) that's under $800 and takes amazing photos like this


i know that the pic was edited but im a pro at photoshop so that shouldnt be a problem. I'm just looking for a camera best for personal/ family photoshoots for a trip that i'm going on for 6 months.

and can record a video that is clear like this

or anything close?

I was looking at a Nikon d3100 but i wasnt sure if it did a good job which is why i'm asking.

Thanks in adavance! :)

2 Answers

  • lare
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    10 years ago
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    forget getting an SLR, those use 35mm film and are not capable of shooting video, period. the dSLR would be an option.

    What made that a good picture was careful selection of the background and the elimination of shadows by using a light diffuser. neither of these are a function of the camera or photoshop. it is mostly smart planning on the part of the photographer, someone who knows the craft.

    if you want to get photos like this, then you need to study. most community colleges offer photography production courses. enroll or at least pick up the textbook at the bookstore and read it.

  • 5 years ago

    Nice photo that any Canon or Nikon dslr will do. Except the thing you're not considering is there's lots of editing done to that shot - you can see it all through the shot. The video is very nice as well but if you want a camera that'll do that it's at least $2,500 or more because that's probably a professional level video camera, in a studio. There's not a consumer level camera that will shoot that broadcast quality... and certainly not for $800. There's plenty of good video cameras out there, of course, but they're not studio quality. There's also plenty of good editing programs available, some over $500 so if you've got the cash...

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