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A Yahoo User asked in PetsFish · 10 years ago

How long will it take for my 10 gallon to cycle this way?

So I filled my 10 gallon up with conditioned water, I put my filter from my other tank in there to help with bacteria, dipped a plant from my other tank in there so now it has a few little fish safe organisms swimming through there, including some tiny shrimp and snails, and I added some food, and I've been stirring the water a lot, and every day I take out 10% of the water from my 5 gallon tank and put it in the 10 gallon since my 5 gallon is all cycled and what not.

So how many weeks do you think it would take if I keep adding water from my 5 gallon to it? Because I'm so impatient!

I've been testing my water and the Ph is at 8.2, same as my 5 gallon tank, and the ammonia, nitrates, and nitrates, are all at 0, same as when I put the water in.

And it's just for a Betta, not sure if that matters.


Oh my bad, yeah I meant nitrites for one of those!

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  • 10 years ago
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    The water from your established tank is not necessary. It contains very little bacteria. Doesn't hurt, but won't speed things up. However, if you put in a used filter from your cycled tank, that WILL speed things up. That's how you get a quarantine tank ready, by using a filter you have in an active tank. So, you may actually be very close to ready already. To see, you need to add a few drops of plain household ammonia or some fish food to give those bacteria something to work on, to see if you are getting nitrates.

  • Zack
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    10 years ago

    you said nitrates twice, you mean nitrites....... if nitrates are at 0 then the tank is not well established, nitrates should be reading between 10 and 25.

    plus your pH is way too high for a betta, that pH is what i keep my lake malawi cichlids in, i keep my bettas, along with my tetras and gouramis, at lower pH ranges around 7.0

    obviously your tank is not ready for fish yet, patience is an important part in fish keeping, if you don't have it, fish kepping is not your hobby

    Source(s): fish lover
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