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I am very self consious about my body?

Hi there, so I just wanted to say that I am on my phone so there WILL be misspellings since I am a horrible speller.. he he..

Well moving on.. I am 13 years old and I really dislike my body. I mean I like certin parts of my self like my hair and facial features, I also like my feet, but my body sometimes really brings me down. I really don't like my arms because they look big and I don't like my legs or torso. I try to excersise but I don't how I am supposed to do that really since I don't have a gym,excersice equitment, and my back leg mucels I think they are called calves (don't know if I am spelling that right) have been hurting a lot latley so its hard for me to run or even go up the stairs. When I was 9 I really like my body and I felt very confident because I went to public school and boys had crushes on me same when I was 10 but when I reached 11 and started going to middle school it was different because we all had different classes and all my friends had new friends and the boy I liked was on the other side of the school with a lot of pretty girls in his class and it really took a toll my confindence. A lot of stuff has happend since then that has taken a toll on my confidence. I have been home schooled now for about 2 years and I have like no social life.

Qustions :

Are there some stuff like excersises I could do to get my self back in shape since I have gotten chubbier?

Also since I am going to highschool next year and am moving out of state ina couple of weeks do you think that when I finish 8th grade it would be a bad idea to go to a public high school? The schools are really nice up there and ireally would some firends and maybe even a boyfriend?

Thanks in advanced! And I just wanted to say that this was not ment to be shallow in anyway! If you thought it was I am sorry it must have been preceived the worng way. And I am sorry this is so long!!

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    go to a public high school. Eat healthy watch your intake of calories. u can do many great exercises without exercise equipment such as sit ups jumping jacks push ups running yoga etc.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Okay, so you might not realize this, but most girls are more insecure than you might think. They might be pretty, popular, and have boyfriends, but everyone has something that they feel self conscious about. So... if you act confident, no one will know because they have their own worries!!!

    If you want to lose weight, than i would recommend eating healthier. Try eating more organic foods if you can and watching how much junk food you eat. Then you can start exercising! For a few ideas, go to Tone It (link in the sources) for fitness workouts and tons of healthy exercises!

    Definitely go to public school! You'll realize that people grow up and realize looks aren't everything after middle school ;)

  • 10 years ago

    you sound a lot like me and don't worry if your a little chubby, you dont have to be bone thin to look good, theres a really popular girl at my school whos 13 and weighs around 175 pounds and she gets boyfriends all the time. this may sound wierd at first but i took belly dancing (and no you dont have to show your belly) and it boosted my confidence a lot and i lost a lot of weight and it could make your body seem better. if not belly dancing you could do rock climbing, swimming, biking, or just jogging down the street every morning. looks arnt everything and im sure your a lot prettier than you think. I think you should go to public school. it has a lot of opportunities in high school and my sister says middle school is way more dramatic and socially hard than high school. good luck :)

  • 10 years ago

    dont worry! every 13 year old girl is self counsious. its okay, you are suposed to feel this way.

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