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Torrent uploaded data more than downloaded.?

So, I noticed you can set your upload limit to more than 100%, meaning that, for example, when a torrent is 1 GB, you can upload 2,3 or more gb of the same torrent, so the ratio is 2.0 or 3.0 etc. Does this actually make any difference? Anyone cares to explain how this works?

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  • Jeff
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    10 years ago
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    Content is bittorrent is transferred using the upload bandwidth of active users on a torrent. There is no server involved.

    As to the ratio, the only time your upload affects download speed is during the download. The more you give out to other peers during your download, the more you will get back from them. But your upload needs to be capped (80% of upload capacity of your connection) to allow room for standard bittorrent communications.

    General rule is to upload until your ratio is at least 100% as this helps to keep torrents alive and healthy. You got the content because someone with a 100% of the content stayed to seed and once you have 100% downloaded, you can pass it on.

    Overall ratio is important at private torrent sites, but makes no difference at public torrent sites.

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