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Is the job market for astro-physics and astronomy really that bad?

Im currently an undergrad engineer and i know i want to go to graduate school but i kind of hate my current field. one field i am very interested in is astronomy and i am considering perusing a Phd in that field but everything i read says that the job market for astronomy and physics in general is terrible. Is it really that bad?????????

i also read this article that says that astronomers have like a 0% unemployment rate which contradicts everything else i see ---->

so can anybody give me a clue of how it really is?


yea i dont really want to just teach..... im more interested in research in any field that i would pursue.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Not really, u can be an awesome scientist..........and if u don't want a phd u can always be a teacher after ur bachelors.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Jobs are the perfect to recuperate. a million) There ought to be a choose for jobs. call for slowly options up first. 2) a company ought to be particular the fix is lasting. 3) dealing with the channels of asking for further people, in lots of businesses, takes various months to procedure and let the hiring to initiate.

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