What does "torrent not valid bencoding" mean?

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ive bin using utorrent for a while now and have never encountered this error before .. the source of the file valid as there has been many people downloading.(about 2000 downloads) ...show more
Update : yeah .. it was the browser problem.. i was using googlechrome .. ...show more
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  • Jeff answered 2 years ago
Ordinarily that means there is a problem with the torrent file itself. Though I have seen a small number of uTorrent users with this issue lately.

Have you tried using the magnet link? KAT has a magnet link next to the download torrent link. This will not fix the problem, but if you can get it through magnet it will get done what you want.

What browser are you using? In the past IE was causing some issues. If you are using IE, try Firefox to get the torrents.

Are you saving the torrent to your computer and opening or opening through the browser? Some people had issues when opening through the browser.

It may be an issue with uTorrent. But, since only a few have the issue, I am not sure how it will get resolved.
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  • John answered 4 months ago
    I came across a site that coverts magnets to torrents and it works. Just copy and paste the magnet link you want to convert. http://www.magnet2torrent.com/
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  • Kasey Nicole answered 6 months ago
    I have been using KAT.com or now known as katproxy and not it wont let me DL anything. Say invalid torrent not valid bencoding... Please help
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  • Jason answered 4 months ago
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