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Would you recommend this knife?

So I want to get my first .So its called a "Stilleto Orange Spring Assisted Opening Mock Butterfly Knife". So I was wondering if it is a nice sturdy knife and if it is good with just cutting in general.

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  • Paco
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    9 years ago
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    As to recommending a specific knife...that would depend on what you intend to use the knife for. Different knives are better suited for different chores. A knife that is excellent as a butcher knife or camp knife, may not be so good as a skinning or hunting knife, and a survival knife would not be the best choice as a fishing knife, etc... And I have never seen a stiletto or butterfly knife that was good for any true use other than to show off, or "look cool", unless perhaps you planned to use it as a defensive or offensive weapon. It is of little use for much else. And these type knives are generally not very sturdy. So, I seriously doubt that I would recommend that particular knife for much of anything else... Spring assisted knives, on the other hand, are becoming more and more wide spread in their use. Even the "Big Name" knife companies are beginning to produce them now. In fact, after having carried standard slip-joint pocket knives daily for well over a half century I recently began carrying an assisted opening knife. With the arthritis that is creeping into my hands with age, causing pain and stiffness, it is just easier for me to manipulate than a standard "nail-nick" style pocket knife. It also makes it easier to open with one hand if the other hand is occupied..... As a first knife I would recommend a good folding pocket knife by a "Name Company". You can't go far wrong with this all around choice. That is why so many people carry them, instead of stilettos or butterfly knives.

    Source(s): ....handling, working with, carrying and using, various assorted knives for 60+ years.
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    If you want something that is good for just general cutting get a 4-5 inch fixed blade knife from one of the major knife makers such as Buck, Case or Schrade. The knife you mentioned sounds more like something you have to try and impress your friends rather than being a common sense knife.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Sounds like a toy to me...butterfly knives are not good hunting knives, nor are stilettos and especially not any spring assisted knives...get a hunting bowie....I still use my trusty old extremely sharp Marine Ka-Bar as my hunting knife.

    Source(s): a former U.S. Marine and still a hunter
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Try throwing it at the wall in your room. If it sticks its pretty sharp. If it breaks its a piece of crap

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