Compared to WASPs like me, how come Ethnic People have so much drama in their life from their relatives?

I am not racist, but why do non-WASPy people have so much drama in their lives?

I work with an Armenian lady who is constantly on the phone to her husband, mother, cousins, relatives about some drama in their life. She is constantly crying at work about her brother being arrested, or angry because her sister-in-law said something that offended and the rest of the workplace constantly have to pick-up her work because she is always on her cell-phone, taking personal calls from one of her gazillion cousins about something petty that some other cousin said...

I am a WASP. I have one sister. Two cousins who I never see/talk to. That's it. I just don't have constant drama in my life caused by all these relatives...yet all my black, greek, italian, non-WASPy colleagues/friends is constantly talking to their cousins on the phone and their gazillions sibilings about "Who-said-what-about-who" and other petty drama? She has over 600+ Facebook friends and 90% of them are relatives/cousins... I am assuming it is because they have big I alone in noticing this?

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  • Mark
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    9 years ago
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    Guess what? EVERYBODY is "ethnic" (it's not a synonym for "non white, non-Protestant"), even W.A.S.P.s. And it seems like there is a LOT of "drama" amongst W.A.S.P.s. (They're noted for being passive-aggressive - "we won't talk about anything unpleasant, and if YOU do, I won't love you any more.")

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