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What does "como anda dime la verda feo si soy jiji" mean?

Okay, so this is from a text conversation in Spanish. I'll give the first few texts leading up to this one.

Him: Yo 23 pero dicen que me veo de menos tu cres (sp?)

Me: No se. No se como te ves jaja.

Him: como anda dime la verdad feo si soy jiji

I don't know what he's saying in the last line of text. I know what "como andas" means, but in the context of this conversation that doesn't make any sense. My guess is he's asking me if I think he's ugly.

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    Como anda is just his incredulity (slight exasperation) at your not getting to the point, similar to: Aw, c'mon! Tell me the truth, I AM ugly, heeheehee. (Thanks for giving us the context, it matters a great deal.) To respond to his calling himself ugly, say, Eres lo más lindo que mis ojos hayan visto. You're the most beautiful (person/thing) my eyes have (ever) seen.:)

    Source(s): 40+ years of Spanish as my beloved second language. ¡Me encanta el idioma español!
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    ¡cómo? ¡anda! (what? come on!)

    dime la verdad tell me the truth

    feo sí soy, jijiji I'm indeed ugly (giggle)

  • granny
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    I am 23, but they say I look younger, what do you think?

    I don't know. I don't know how you look.

    How (do I look)? Come on (anda), tell me the truth, I am ideed ugly, ha, ha, ha

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