Is it possible to hold a job and also work in a non-profit organization?

For example (my hypothetical situation): If I worked as a human resources manager or had a job in diplomacy, would I still be able to volunteer or even work part time in a non-profit organization like the Red Cross or some environmental group? Thanks!


@Pat: My question asked whether I would also be able to volunteer OR even work part-time... I never said that working with a non-profit is not a job. A degree in social work, or non-profit management would never have been offered if it were just a act of volunteering since a volunteer would obviously have no way to make money. My parents were social workers, I've volunteered with the same local non-profit organization for almost eight years (which I assume to be acceptable since I haven't even graduated from high school), there have been both volunteers AND employees. I only ask this because many companies seem to restrict you from holding two jobs at once, and I simply wanted to know if it was manageable to do both at once. I'm sorry if I offended you, and for the record, I'm clearly (by my age) not done growing up.

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    You cannot volunteer and be an employee with the same organization - you can be a paid employee with the American Red Cross, or a volunteer, but not both. That's to ensure you would never want to be paid for volunteer time.

    You can volunteer anywhere that you aren't already working as an employee so long as you have the time and qualifications to do so.

    You can volunteer somewhere and, later, be hired as an employee, but you would no longer be able to volunteer there.

    Some nonprofits won't let former employees volunteer, for fear of the person trying to claim they should be paid for their volunteer work.

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    Absolutely. At our local Red Cross chapter there are six teams of 30 volunteers that respond to calls specifically when the chapter is closed (so all night and on weekends). The majority of these 180 volunteers have a day jobs. In fact, a couple of our local employers will even PAY the Red Cross when their employees volunteer! (Essentially matching the employee's time contribution with money)

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    It depends on the work hours of the main job. Non-profit organizations tend to be very flexible about the hours you work, so if you wanted you could work there for an hour or two on a Saturday or after work.

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    Sure we volunteers put in hours at night and weekends.

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  • 8 years ago

    Yes!! I currently work full time for a ministry, go to school full time, and run my anti-suicide campaign. (You should check it out ). So, yes. Its possible. Its much easier tho, to file for the 503 what ever tax exempt status, and hire people....:P Havent done that yet, but we will!!!

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    an employer cannot legally prevent you from working any number of out side jobs you want in the USA

  • Pat
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    8 years ago

    oh for cripes frikkin sake.


    working at a nonprofit IS A JOB.

    paychecks, tax withholding, vacation, sick days, pension, holidays,

    the whole nine yards.


    grow up.

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